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For my sunburns vinager seems to work the best! I also use cocoa butter, even though the sa not to. It really does work! Your skin gets so dry when it is burned and needs moisture!

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Use Apple Cider Vinegar. Takes the sting out and the will have a nice brown tan.


My family has used this way for decades. Use white vinegar in a sink with cool water. Soak a towel and wring it out but not all the way. This part sucks but you'll be lovin it the next day, apply to burned area til it get s warm or hot, and resoak in sink and do it all over again til it does not get hot (towel) from being applied to burn ares. Next day no pain, and it should be turning to a tan.


Years ago, a neighbor friend, told me to put vinegar on a sunburn I had that really hurt. Unbelievably, the vinegar feels cold to the skin when you dab it on. The first two comments are right on!

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