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I've tried lysine, ice, peroxide, and yes, even bleach.

Take 500-1000 mg of lysine when you first feel the tingle. Take the same amount the next day. Then take half of that for the next few days. Lysine is fairly inexpensive and can be found in the vitamins/minerals of any store.

In addition, also try applying ice; a wet black-tea bag; cornstarch, aspirin, aloe vera.

Anyone who suffers from fever blisters knows how embarrassing and painful they are, even when small. While some of the suggested remedies may be toxic or dangerous, I'm not surprised that people go to these lengths to get rid of them. I'd try almost anything. I wish someone would find a way to cure it.

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I used to try all sorts of 'remedies' from clear finger nail polish, super glue, abreva, Rx meds..etc but for me, *nothing* works as well as Lysine. I take more like 2000-3000 mg of Lysine/day for the first 2 days. I dont take it daily becuase i dont want my body to get used to it. Everytime I get one I still wonder where I even got the virius in the first place!! Very frustrating :(


My aunt told me to put toothpaste on your fever blisters when u about to go to bed!! I'm about to try it now!! Hope it will work!!

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