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I've had a broken lower molar for years but have rarely had any trouble out of it. A couple days ago I woke up in horrible pain. My typical solution was to basically suck the infection out. It hurts but it's always been successful. By making sure you sort of pressurize your mouth and get all the saliva out of your mouth and suck on your infected tooth, it pulls the infection out. If it happens, you'll definitely feel it. It will scare you when it 'pops' and the side of your face may throb for a minute but when the throbbing stops, so does ALL the pain. You're mouth will taste disgusting from the infection and you'll be able to smell something that may smell like dog or cow manure coming from your mouth that lasts for just a few seconds. When my pain started, I sucked on my tooth all day and nothing ever happened so I tried alternate methods. The tea bags may of helped but they also made my tooth throb even more. Ibuprofen helped. All ambesol and orajel does is numb everything but the tooth pain - in my mouth anyway. All day I went through 4 tea bags and swished warm water and sea salt around in my mouth. I woke up at 6:30 in the morning from the pain. I tried sucking on my tooth and the first try it worked. I went to the bathroom and stood at the sink spitting blood and puss for about 5 minutes. I felt better after the throbbing stopped. I tried poking my gum with a needle and it only made my gum bleed so I trashed that idea. Vanilla extract on a q-tip applied directly to the broken tooth. That made the top half of my tooth feel better but not the main pain. The next day I had some left over pain and spent all day compulsively sucking on my tooth. Every time I do it, I taste more infection coming out. Whatever method you choose, good luck.

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