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With a large finger nail file, file down the top surface of the nail, from the tip, back to the cuticle, where it makes the sharp bend down into the flesh - the 'spine' I call it. File it down until the curvature of nail seems uniform from side to side. This takes a fair amount of time and elbow grease. This will make the nail much more flexible and not so prone to driven into the flesh by the pressure of standing, walking, etc.

I had ingrowns on both big toes for 18 months. 36 hours after doing this, all discomfort was gone, and six months later, there just fine and I've not had to file them down since.

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this method works for mme and my family! done it for years

Norm Magnusson

I read all the home remedies and this one made the most sense. My toe was very sore and starting to throb. I filed and then soaked. In a few hours I filed and then soaked again. I did this 4 times and the pain was gone. Gone! Now a week later, it's still in great shape. Thanks to whoever posted this, I recommend this course of action highly.


I read all of the suggestions,this one made the most sense, I will let you know how it worked for me.


My mom told me to do this when I had one a long time ago and it worked great. Now my husband has one and is skeptical... I made him do it anyways and its getting better already!

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