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Jake Nugent


For over ten years, I've been suffering from Toenail Fungus (Onychomycosis) and it kills me. This fungus as greatly affected my life. I live in beautiful sunny San Diego where shoes are optionl and it's been torture not being able to wear sandals, taking off your socks at your friends house, not going to the beach with friends or going swimming. It's uncomfortable both physically and mentally. I'm trying everything I've learned on this website.

Saturday July 18, 2009
Its starts off with a trip to Walmart. I purchased $30 worth of stuff. White vinegar, yellow listerine, hydrogen-peroxide, Vicks Vapo Rub, Tea Tree Oil, bandaids, cotton balls and a rubbermaid container to put soak my feet.

Step 1. I have soaked my feet in the vinegar for over 30mins now and will clean w/ the peroxide, then cover with Vicks. I'll keep you posted of my results.

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Jake Nugent

Day 3

I have committed myself to this new routine of washing my feet, making sure its dry, then applying Hydrogen P, soaking in 50/50 Listerine+White Vinegare (soaking twice a day), then finishing off with a generous swabbing of Vicks Vapo Rub wrapped in a bandaid.

I did start noticing on the slightly infected pinky toe where the fungus isn't as bad, that some clearing has occurred. Also, at the tip of the nail where the fungus is closest to the edge, clearing of nail had occurred and beneath was a nice pink and clear nailbed. This can be attributed to the disinfectants reaching its target.

I'm not fully convinced because I am fully aware of the process it takes to rid my poor toenails of this fungus. But what I do know for sure is that I'm fighting this stubborn enemy and not letting it spread even more.

If you're listening to this, you have the fungus.

-Jake Nugent.

Jake Nugent

Day 5

I getting kind of tired of this routine. It's hard to keep it up but I need to continue to fight the good fight. I still want to defeat this fungus.

I continue to soak, only 1 per day now since I'm busy at work. I just do it when I get home. Before I go to work I apply the vapo rub underneath my socks. Then the soaking afterwork, then re-apply the vapo rub right after the soak. I've added a new solution to my 50/50 Listerine/white vinegar, its Hydrogen peroxide. About 15% of this solution is now HP.

I've seen some progress at the edge of the nail but still have a lot of work to do as the most affected nails are still dark, but they do look better. overall, I'd say its about 2% better.

I will continue to update this and show you my progress if any.

Jake Nugent.


Hey i bought the blue listerine. Does it really make a difference? Besides making my toes nails BLUE! haha


blue or yellow listerine, it doesn't matter. They both have the same properties.

-Jake Nugent

Jake Nugent

So now its 9/14/09 and I haven't been consistent w/ this home treatment. What can i say? Discipline is all a part of it.

But check this out...

Results: since the start of this whole campaign, i've seen some fungus dissappear, I've seen some clearing and the worst toenails are clearing up!

Wow, I've started this process over again, but this time more vigorously. I'm starting to soak for 45 - 60mins.

I will check back and log some more results later on.

-Jake Nugent


Hi Jake, thanks for posting valuable insight and experience. I'm gonna jump on the band wagon and join you in the endeavor to fight the fungus. 2 of my 10 are thick, and one is starting to seperate. Hope it works~
Live on an island with ugly toes~

on an island with ugly toes

Have done a lot of reading, it seems the vinegar, Listerine soak works more often than not. I'm giving the vinegar a try. On day two of trial.

Jake Nugent


Thanks for the comments viewers. As you can see, its now October. To be honest with everyone, I haven't been consistent. It is so so hard to continue all of this with my work schedule.

I work at a major news company here in San Diego as a graphic designer/web specialist and i also teach at a local community college afterwards. It takes a lot of discipline as I've said before and I haven't been consistently soaking and putting on Vicks and or teatree oil.


I just watch some TV or go on the web to play some online poker for like 30-60mins while i soak, and time goes by pretty fast.

I am currently soaking right now and its been about 45mins.

*note - make sure to file down your nail with a regular nail file down close to the nail bed. this his how the solution gets to the problem area. Do this prior to soaking because our onychomychiosis infected nails grow in thick and you want to make sure the solution penetrates.

My problem area is everything but the big toes and 'index' toe I guess on the left foot, and the on the right, only the two middle toes excluding the pinky toe, big toe and index toe are affected.

Also noted is--I've been going heavy with the teatree oil immediately after my toes dry after soaking.


After filing my nails for the past month, the nail becomes very thin and at the front edge of the toe, the nails are simply chipping off and i'm left with like a 'U' of a toe nail.

There is clearing though. It continues to clear more and more, but the toughest parts near the cuticle are still affected. Since Autumn has arrived, i'm wearing shoes/socks more and more so the fungal infected areas have kind of darkened from Summer. I'm assuming that this is because I haven't been consistent.

More good news:

The lesser affected toes (index and pinky toe on the left foot) have shown SIGNIFICANT clearing with almost 85% clearing. I'm very happy with these results.

However, the worst toenails (next to the pinky on both)are the hardest to get to, and those are the nails I really focus the nail filing on. The fungus does seam to be receding.


If I continue to do this regemine (even though it's not as consistent as I would want it to be), by next summer, hopefully the nasty black/purplish nails will fall off and new toenail growth will come in pink and healthy. This is what we're all shooting for right...of course.

Hope is the key folks. I truly believe the vinegar/listerine/Hydrogen peroxide will cure me of this B.S. fungus I've contracted. I'll try to continue to keep you posted and I promise I will. This is the most important self experiment and healing of my life.

Let's continue to fight for the freedom of our feet!

If you're reading have the fungus.

Your compadre,

Jake Nugent
28/M/San Diego


Where can I purchase Tea Tree Oil? Never heard of it.


You can purchase tea tree oil from any pharmacy, if they dont have it they will order it for you. Trader Joe's also carries it.
Vicks Vapor Rub will clear the fungus on it's own, just glob it on each toe but yes it makes them go dark but once you have used it 3 weeks or so and have the fungus cleared, they will grow back out pretty.

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