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I can't believe no one has mentioned my all time favorite diaper rash cure...BREAST MILK!!! It's free, has natural antibodies, and works like a charm.

My first child (I have 4 now) had a horrific diaper rash that would not go away. I tried letting her go diaperless, about 10 over the counter medicines, Maalox, browned flour, cornstarch, and even a couple of prescriptions and nothing worked. One or two may have relieved the symptoms momentarily but the rash always came back.

A friend suggested putting breast milk on it. I did right before bed and the next morning it was a whole new butt back there. It is my go to cure now. It works with pumped, frozen/defrosted and 'fresh out the faucet' milk (although hubby says it's weird to watch me squirt it directly on their butts). Whatever it works! Just pour or squirt it on, let air dry for a minute and put on diaper. Can't hurt to try it.

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Even though my children are older and I can no longer breatfeed, I thought the original poster was genious and hilarious. I never would have guessed breastmilk, but hey I have heard stranger things. Wish I could give that a try. Some of us moms are willing to try anything to help our babies cheekies stay healthy and happy. Kudos to you!

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