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I can't believe no one has mentioned my all time favorite diaper rash cure...BREAST MILK!!! It's free, has natural antibodies, and works like a charm.

My first child (I have 4 now) had a horrific diaper rash that would not go away. I tried letting her go diaperless, about 10 over the counter medicines, Maalox, browned flour, cornstarch, and even a couple of prescriptions and nothing worked. One or two may have relieved the symptoms momentarily but the rash always came back.

A friend suggested putting breast milk on it. I did right before bed and the next morning it was a whole new butt back there. It is my go to cure now. It works with pumped, frozen/defrosted and 'fresh out the faucet' milk (although hubby says it's weird to watch me squirt it directly on their butts). Whatever it works! Just pour or squirt it on, let air dry for a minute and put on diaper. Can't hurt to try it.

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does it have to be your own breastmilk?

Mommy of two boys

Wow, I didn't think of this! I am breastfeeding my 4 month old but my 2 year old has the bad rash. I have tried all the creams and even took him to the Dr. The rashes look good in the morning but my night or after a poop he is raw as can be. It is going on 2 weeks and I can not get rid of this rash. Like I said been to the Dr already and that still didn't work. I will try the milk option first and see if it works before going back to the dr!
There really was no reason to be so rude in the first few posts. If the remedy didn't apply you could have just kept looking. I know I came to the sight looking to help my child with whom I love, to respond with so much anger and hostility is shocking since we all came here looking to help our kids. Those who have the option to use breast milk may benefit from this those who do not can choose another remedy. Like someone else said when the store doesn't have one kind of ointment we do not throw a fit cursing out the cashier and employees for not having it in stock. You either go somewhere else or buy something different! No need for the ignorance!


This totally makes sense!! I wish I would have found it several months ago when I was still producing breast milk, but that's alright, I'll have to keep it in mind! Thank you!


my son is two, so it wont work now, and i tried breastfeeding but he was in the nicu for two months due to being 9 weeks early and breastmilk is what is best for your baby but due to stress from his father i eventually completed dried up, but if i ever have another child or know someone who is breastfeeding and their child has a rash i will DEFINATELY pass this one on! GENIUS! love it, wish i could try it, these rashes are ridiculous, but def love the idea and will most definately pass this one on. thanks!


Lol so worth trying!


Breast milk works for eye goopies too, my son's eye leaked all the time, sometimes it got read and irratated, I always sqeezed bm on it and it never got infected, always cleared up.


Umm wow...People really need to relax lol. I have a 20 month old and am not currently breastfeeding and she has a bad rash. I think this would be a Great idea if I were but does NOT affend me because I am not...when I have my next baby and they get diaper rash I will definitely try it :) For now I can always try other remedies on here.


I wish I knew this 8 years ago when I had my first daughter!!!! Three daughters later, this really works, in the amount of time it took me to read all the posts I had already tried it and it was working on my baby's rash! Thanks!


First, thank you so much for posting this... I completely forgot about this one; it's been right in front of me the whole time.. LITERALLY. lol It healed the cuts on my boys face in less than 4 hours and healed his ear infection but using a bottle to put drops in his ears.

Okay, but I don't see anyone jumping down someones throat because there were suggestions made to get a 'german' ointment. I guess that's not being courteous either because some people don't have access to that either. I agree with others; definitely some jealousy going on. unbelievable.


LOVE IT!! This website is entitled home remedies for diaper rash... Can get any closer to home than that. Thank you for the post... Will come in handy.

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