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I can't believe no one has mentioned my all time favorite diaper rash cure...BREAST MILK!!! It's free, has natural antibodies, and works like a charm.

My first child (I have 4 now) had a horrific diaper rash that would not go away. I tried letting her go diaperless, about 10 over the counter medicines, Maalox, browned flour, cornstarch, and even a couple of prescriptions and nothing worked. One or two may have relieved the symptoms momentarily but the rash always came back.

A friend suggested putting breast milk on it. I did right before bed and the next morning it was a whole new butt back there. It is my go to cure now. It works with pumped, frozen/defrosted and 'fresh out the faucet' milk (although hubby says it's weird to watch me squirt it directly on their butts). Whatever it works! Just pour or squirt it on, let air dry for a minute and put on diaper. Can't hurt to try it.

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I have never heard of this before but I will try it. Thank you for posting your suggestion, that's what these sites are all about.

Peanuts McGhee

I would have to say if it's not an option for you, then the article isn't for you. You Don't get all pissy just because you can't find desitin at your local walstore.

I'm def. passing this article on to my GF. She's got a tiny sore tail to deal with and her boobs are perfectly producing so it does apply. I think she'll appreciate it.

new mama

what a great suggestion for nursing moms! I am definitely giving it a try. thank you for sharing!


i will definatly try this! my three week old eats almost constantly, therefore poopies constantly too! i hate putting those harsh creams on her sensitive skin. i dont know why people left all the nasty comments, even if you arent fortunate enough to produce milk, should the suggestion be held from those of us who do?


WOW, Seems like some people are upset that they didn't breastfeed their child!!! Don't be SO uptight!!! Everyone has their own reasons for not doing what is BEST for your child. Don't take it out on the author because she chose to breastfeed and you didn't/couldn't.

There are SO many things that breastmilk cures and I am going to try this on my son's bum. Thank you for reminding me of this!!


Thank you very much! I will definitely give it a try!


Thank you so much for this post. I never thought to use breastmilk!

For those of you who have problems with this remedy, there are 6 other pages on this website with other options. PICK ONE. There is no need to be rude and use vulgar language. Everyone has a different situation so use something that works for you but please stop this nonsense!


thank u ill try it for sure


I have to say to this very RUDE person, no, 'idiot' breast milk does not cure AIDS or cancer - infact nobody said it did. It is a proven fact that breastmilk has antibodies to help fight infection and build the immune system, not horrible diseases that are already taking over the body. WOW, I'm glad you're not my mother. Hey, if it works, then that's great. I just weaned my baby, so no more milk to try it! Should've found this post a long time ago.


I think this is a great idea! I will try it at the next change. I can't believe there are people in the world that are so intolerant. There are many options here, please don't share your hate!

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