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I haven't tried anything yet except for the baking soda. I wouldn't recommend using it because of the excessive amount of burning. Left me crying in front of my boyfriend, who is extremely worried about my condition.

I will be buying some Epsom salt either tonight, if I feel that I can go out with the pain that I'm in, or tomorrow. Otherwise, I read a few articles and stories about eating foods that are high in lysine and low in arginine. A few good examples are fish, chicken, peanuts, and soybeans. I heard that these should help your body process the food quicker, therefore somehow healing GH sooner.

If anybody has any great remedy that is natural or cheap, feel free to email me at Thanks and I hope my information helped. Keep your fingers crossed. Like they say. 'no pain, no gain.' Sometimes the pain is worth it.

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So, I actually tried the epsom salt bath, and that was really relaxing. I could've stayed in the bath a lot longer, but I didn't want my skin to get too pruned and stuff.


i use carmex lip balm. i take a q tip and get a little dab on the infected areas and it clears up in about 3-4 days


carmex wow this is my first outbreak and i just was browsing thru remedies i may try the carmex..... maybe im going to come bak in a couple of days and say how it worked!!


I've had GH 4 20 years & the foods to AVOID are peNuts, chocolate & corn.

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