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former farmer Bill

I've found these 2 preventitive measures in a book by Alan Lacey, who wrote a gardening column for the Wall Street Journal in the 1980's. Both worked very well for me when I was spending most of every summer weekend in chigger infested Indiana fields during the 1990's.

Right Guard deodorant spray
Drop trou, hike up your shirt and spray everywhere a chigger might go, especially everywhere below your waist. The chiggers will go to someone else.

Bounce Fabric Softener sheets
Rub a sheet all over your skin below the waist and on as much of your upper body as you want to protect, again the chiggers will find you not their liking and go eslewhere.

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That didn't help at all. The information didn't.


I had fleas in my room when I moved into my new apt and didn't realize it until I had unpacked. To keep the fleas from jumping on me anymore I put socks on and tucked fabric softeners into my socks. It worked great!

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