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WOW you guys really think bread and garlic and cranberry cures a real uti? I know if you actually had one you got antibiotics for it cause that is the only cure. So why lie? I am sure what you guys, and gals, or humans, suggested helps. However it is by far not a cure.

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I don't know if it's a cure, but D-Mannos temporarily disabled the infecting bacteria. If it's e.coli.

Caitlin kerehoma

Hey, I'm an 18 year old girl with a full kidney infection at least once a month. I have had many antibiotics and none have worked for me. I am allergic to penicillin So I think that for some people home remedies HAVE to be an option.


Of course there are other remedies for a UTI or a Kidney Infection. I mean really think about what you said antibiotics are the only cure? For centuries people have gotten UTIs and Kidney Infections and I would almost have to bet that before our time people had to use something other than antibiotics. Duh big red truck. Think about what you write before you actually post something.......


Every one has there own beliefs but i do think home remedies work. My granny has always used them on all 87 grandchildren and her children. She could make you better quicker than going to the doctor and getting antibiotics. I am allergic to some antibiotics and scared of some of that crap they give me. ooYou cant put all your trust in doctor cause if you dont have insurance like me they will give you anything to shut you up


Maybe you should read what you wrote; doesn't make sense!!!!

Cheryl L

Natural cures right from the home help.
Back in the old days they did not rely on Dr.s just natural cures. You would be amazed at what plants just outside your door can cure. While some just help the pain till you can get Colloidial Silver (or go and get a drug that will cause other side effects), still homopathic is the natural - safe -way to go.


Silver is an antibiotic, and so is garlic. :)


Ok you all want some truth I have regular kidney infections been hospitalized from it half a dozen times or more in the last year I KNOW WHAT A KIDNEY INFECTION IS. It hurts I have had fever chills, cold sweats, 105 temp, milk looking urine, and vomiting. I have been on 'and forgive the spelling here' cipro, leviquen, Bactrim, macrobid, macrodantin, gentamicen, and couple other IV anti. I cant even pronounce after all I read seems the apple cider vinegar and baking soda are the 2 I see reoccurring so I am taking 1 an 1/2 teaspoons twice a day plus drinking 2 oz apple cider vinegar in the am and 1 oz at night I will keep you all updated I have tried the cranberry pills and they did not help and contracted a UTI while taking cranberry pills so trying this cider and baking soda keep you all updated if it clears up home remedy's work if I end up back in the hospital well these home remedies wont work for a true kidney infection sept. 1 2014 update in a few days


Ok I am back with my findings I started with the baking soda and cider vinegar. I got dehydrated and stopped the vinegar I was using 2 teaspoons of baking soda twice a day I was on the verge of throwing the towel in and going to the hospital, however I stuck it out and my urine started to clear up some by the 4 day my urine was all but clear again I since have been using 1 teaspoon twice a day of baking soda on a daily biases and have manage to keep the UTI away something I have not been able to do with any home remedy till this all I can say is give the baking soda a shot it knock on wood has worked for me

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