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WOW you guys really think bread and garlic and cranberry cures a real uti? I know if you actually had one you got antibiotics for it cause that is the only cure. So why lie? I am sure what you guys, and gals, or humans, suggested helps. However it is by far not a cure.

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Joe Apple :D

Yes, antibiotics are presumed to work faster in most cases. Although, there are many cases in which the body will become intolerant of antibiotics, fungicides, and so forth due to their chemical structure and constant prescription. While some remedies may not work for some people, many individuals find that home remedies are more effective than the traditional prescription drug. Cranberries are acidic by nature and contain high amounts of antioxidants and phytonutrients which are beneficial to the immune system. Garlic is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics there are; its content of 'allicin' is compared to that of penicillin. In many cases which such resistance to antibiotics occurs, it is not uncommon for substitutes like Manuka honey or other natural antibiotics to be prescribed. Our bodies tend to respond much better with herbal remedies than chemicals or radical substances.


The antibiotics caused the UTI that caused the kidney infection!!! HELLO!!! Natural is the only way to go.


Seriously? What do you think they did hundreds of years ago for uti and kidney infections? they didnt have pharmacies with antibiotics and most doctors that were around 100 years ago treated with natural remedies as well.


Home remedies are much better than taking antibiotics that cause other ills like yeast infection!!!


Due to being born with an underdeveloped kidney I had reconstructive kidney surgery at the age of 8. I am prone to cronick kidney infections and have been since the age of six. I am 27 years old now so that's a good chunk of my life that I have been fighting infections. I would suffer from an average of four per year. I know all too well how painful they can be, to the point that walking is a nightmare and I would rather sit on the toilet pushing all day than hold the pee in even though peeing hurts so bad. I even asked the drs as a teen if they could just take my kidney out lol! I had always taken antibiotics for the infections as a child because that's what the Drs told my mom was best. However lucky me my mom grew up on a farm and her mom always gave get natural remedies so not only did she give me the drs drugs but she also gave me her remedies :) the Drs were always shocked that I healed so fast (as I did from anything my mom gave me natural remedies). At the age of 20 I got pregnant with my first son and got a kidney infection. I read up a lot on the effects drugs can have on the unborn child witch got me into reading the long term effects of medicinal drugs, side effects, and decided not only did I not want to put drugs into my child but I also no longer wanted to put any drugs at all into my system. So I went back to the natural remedies my mother lived by just like the women in my family had for generations :) i started reading books, researching online, learning from my mom, asking other women and those older than me, had the blessing of befriending a homeopathist, and consulted practical Drs. For the past seven years I have only used natural remedies in my home for myself and my two sons. I can honestly say that is the smartest medical decision I have mad :) I have only had five infections in seven years, they last only 3-5 days and the pain doesn't get as bad. My sons and I hardly ever get sick and if anyone of us do it doesn't spread around the house, it doesn't last long and I take comfort in knowing our immune systems are all that stronger for fighting it off the old fashion way instead of building immunity to antibiotics. I also take comfort in knowing my childrens bodies are as pure as they can be and don't have chemicals building up in them. We also eat as much natural, organic, unrefined food as possible.
A 'natural' way of life has caused me to be healthier all the way around, my hair, nails and skin are incredible, I'm in the best physical shape iv been in since I was a kid, I have lots of energy, feel on the inside like I look on the inside. I get told I look like I'm 16 all the time and my friends and family actually think I look better t than I did at 16 :-)

So yeah I'm going to have to say maybe you just need to educate yourself better because antibiotics are not always the best way for everyone and the people On here promoting natural or home remedies have probably found that this is what works best for them :)


actually they do cure uti and without the harmful side effects of antibiotics. I work at a hospital and care for patients everyday so I do have medical knowledge. I always treat with home remedies and never take an antibiotic for a UTI.


Antibiotics is not a cure hon! Its a treatment so u will be getting that kidney infection again. Natural remedies can do the cure for sure. Also its more than what we take in our bodies, its the whole package here. The mind, and spirit needs to be balance with the physical dimension of everything to correlate. The thoughts and emotions we send to our bodies also affect and cause some of the infections, ailments and disorders reinforcing.

To add, I do believe that water is one of the most purifying medicine to cleanse the body. The question we have to ask ourselves is how much do we really drink a day, really? The average person would do 5 glasses and thats not enough. Its gotta be 8 or more every single day. if we wondering why water isn't helping is becuz we wait to get sick to intake more water instead of doing as needed daily to prevent our bodies from building up toxic and infections.

Curing our bodies may not be of the greatest comfort due to nasty taste buzz some natural remedies have but things can't always be of ease to get healthy. Its worth the try and worth the journey to long lasting health.


y would ppl get on here and lie? I mean cum on! U need to stop and think we didnt always have doctors and plus theres alot of poor ppl out there like me who have kids and are barely gettin by from week to week that cant afford to go pay outrageous money to go to a dr. So alot of these methods are from the mouths of ppl who it obviously helped or they wouldnt waste time postin em on here dumbass


Thats like saying home grown aloe doesn't help a sunburn. Just because its not in a bottle with a bar code doesn't alway mean it won't work. I have had several utis, kidney stones and bladder problems. cranberry supplements and distilled water are the best cure.Antibiotics do work, however caused me to get a yeast infection because it kills good bacteria as well as bad.


So 'magic' cured people before antibiotics.

Or everyone simply died from a urinary tract infection.

Not likely.

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