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WOW you guys really think bread and garlic and cranberry cures a real uti? I know if you actually had one you got antibiotics for it cause that is the only cure. So why lie? I am sure what you guys, and gals, or humans, suggested helps. However it is by far not a cure.

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Yes actually many home remedies can and will work if done properly. I guess you would rather just go to a DR and pay outrageous $$$ to get a prescription to pay more for that may kill the infection, but read the side effects from the meds!!! NO THANK YOU.


I vote for home remedies for early treatment. But if UTI's advanced--get thee to the doctor and take them antibiotica!


We don't need medicine in order to get over infections in most cases. That's what our immune system is for. Even antibiotics from the doctor's office work in conjunction with that not independently of it.

Cranberry has been scientifically shown to change the texture of the urinary lining making it more difficult for the bacteria to stick to the cells. While the bacteria may not be killed by the Cranberry, it makes it so that you can effectively wash out the infection by drinking enough water. So cranberry and water does work for a legitimate UTI.


You are a fool to believe that only pills can cure anything. I believe everyone's body can respond differently but its a scientific fact that cranberry juice is the 1 juice that stays acidic on its journey through the body and therefore helps get rid of most UTI.


You sound like a pharma-addicted drug company stooge...lay off the tv and you won't be so brainwashed by the drug company ads dumbass


There is a time and place to try antibiotics for serious conditions, kidney infections are one of them. However, I have had UTI and Kidney Infections since the age of 3 and at this point, most medications prescribed to treat them no longer work for me. Medications build a resistance to your body and also make your body out of whack. Surely prior to medications, natural remedies were used to treat illnesses of all sorts. Last time I checked, Native Americans didn't have Cipro, Keflex, Bactrim, etc available to them and surely they had the same issues we have today. I'm willing to try anything to make my current one go away since my first prescription of Cipro came back useless on my culture and Macrodantin isn't doing much better. Getting on here to sound like a jerk because you have different views is very childish. Everyone is entitled to doing their own thing and people get on here to try to help others. I don't think calling them liars is justified. It's close minded people like you that is a reason this society has diminshed so much over this century.


YES! cranberry juice does cure UTI's! I got a couple uti's last year and the first time I went to the doctor, took the antibiotics and it took about 3 days for symptoms to stop. The next time I got one, I did not go to the doctor (but had the same symptoms) and looked for natural remedies & completely changed my diet for a couple days including drinking 8 oz of water every hour i was awake, taking cranberry supplements and taking echinacea. My symptoms were gone within 24 hours. Even though the symptoms were gone i continued the diet just to make sure the infection was gone.

Really, you shouldn't believe that artificial drugs are the only cures for diseases and infections, just because homeopathic remedies aren't scientifically proven by the FDA (because many are usually used at the same time-meaning that any one of them cannot be proven the remedy) does not mean they don't time you get sick seriously look up your symptoms and actually try it! I'm not downing the doctors but any medications they give you are chemicals mixed in a lab - poison if you will, why not cure your ailments with foods and herbs that people have been consuming for centuries?


A doctor gave this remedy and it cured what 6 months of antibiotics and a month of anti-fungal meds could not. 3 glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice for 2 weeks, 2 glasses for one week, and 1 glass for the rest of your life. An infection can be yeast or bacteria related. My only comment to you is , you surely have let doctors, and popular world views influence you and make you forget we are organic not artificial chemical creatures. Sometimes antibiotics work but they also destroy good bacteria as well. 10 yrs later I'm still dealing with that result of my first doctors idea of healing (6 mo. of aniti's) Natural remedies work when you find the right ones, much has been lost but not all. Just find accurate information.


I also was given the cranberry juice for life remedy by a doctor but she also told me to change my eating habits. She said eat 70 percent raw foods and avoid sugar. At first i was no way I can't do that, but since found Stevia. Online you can get it without fillers and its great. Example:1/2 tsp sweetens a whole Jug of freshly squeezed lemon juice. 1/8 sweetens coffee like nothing else I've seen.
So i guess my infection must have been more yeast related . Ditch the sugar and lose the infection and some lbs. like me :)
To make your kidneys work better, drinking lemon juice or doing a liver cleanse. Making the liver more efficient helps the kidneys work better.
Be sure you dont have diabetes or high blood pressure along with these cronic infections, if so i do recommend you make sure you dont have kidney disease.


Raw honey is also an antibiotic. when you pair it with green tea you have an amazing help for any bacterial infection.
To comment on some things i read above, first i would make lemonade to get my lemon juice if i was going to do that and I have heard its great to detox you. Second i too have experienced sugar being hard on your kidneys and excessive salt too, however you need some to keep blood pressure right.
Currently I'm dealing with my kidneys, yes they wont let me forget i have them. I got the flu or a cold not sure , its possible it was this swine flu, it was going around my area at the time. After getting over the head congestion part and other symptoms, which i might add were mild if it was the flu, yet vicious same time, very strange sickness,I developed what must be another Kidney infection.(yes I've had several in my lifetime)
One morning I woke up unable to turn over in severe pain. My back and sides were hurting, cramping, I felt nailed to the bed.
Stubborn as I am and I admit that, I began trying to figure out what this is. I have back problems also so it was confusing at first.
Then i realized it was my kidneys, and i have had weak kidneys since a child when i had a kidney infection and was in the bed for a week.
I have been drinking cranberry juice , lemonade,water,ditched the sugar like suggested above and drank the green tea as above also.
My findings on all this is ... the cranberry works, your pain really goes away fast. This kept creaping back on me though after sleeping, so it was then i ditched the sugar. I feel that was smart. Thinking this must be some sort of bacteria from the sickness i began the green tea and honey, that had immediate help. Seems if i falter on one part of this remedy it comes back strong.
My conclusion is this, whatever i have its a tough one and i should see a dr to find out what it is exactly but these remedies are working, will keep you updated on my progress.

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