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My son is 2 1/2 yrs old. He Suffered with dry skin and dry patches with blood coming out of it since he was 3 months. It use to be sever only during winter, but recent times this started getting worse even in summer, he use to wake up in the middle of night with all rashes and keep scratching his legs and arms. His doctor prescribed non steroidal first time and it didn't work, so she prescribed steroidal cream. The Doc said the side effect for these steroidal are he may get cataract, thinning of the skin and so on. I dont want to use any kind of steriodial cream on my son's body. I searched all over the web, read 100s of post from other people and tried different things. Nothing worked at first, I tried two or three different suggestions at the same time. Someone suggested BACK BALM, (you can get this in rite aid, walgreens or any drug store. Its $9.00) someone posted that it worked for their kids. But BAG BALM didnt worked for my son, I tried for a week.

This is what I tried for past 3 days and his rashes are gone and his skin is smooth. He is slowly getting back to normal. Hope this works

1. I tried to limit his dairy intake(reduced his milk intake,I didn't avoided it though.)
2. As soon as he wake up in the morning, I mixed Vaseline(baby) with Aveeno daily moisturizer in my palm and applied the affected area.
3. Before his bath time the first day I mixed 'TURMERIC POWDER(you can get this in any Asian-Indian store) 1/4 spoon with 4 oz of olive oil'. I applied all over his body and more on his affected area and allow it to absorb for 15 minutes before his bath. Half hour before his bath time, I soaked raw regular oats(put 1/2 cup oats in a socks and tie it with rubber band and put it inside a bowl of warm water and just squeeze the sock with your hands for 10 minutes or so inside the water). Then bath him with this water and then use baby liquid soap twice or thrice just to remove the yellow strain form his body and wash him throughly. Pat him dry and apply vaseline & avenoo baby lotion mixture. Dress him in cotton dress.

4. After this first bath with turmeric and oilve oil, before every bath(morning and evening) just use olive oil. Apply all over his body for 10 minutes, massage him well and give him bath. Then pat him dry and apply the Vaseline & Aveeno Baby lotion mixture. Do this with every bath.

Trust me just two days you will see tremendous difference.

P.S. (Turmeric powder is too yellow and leaves stain where ever you use, so to remove yellow stain use '409' spray as soon as the stain).

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All that hippie stuff, and then I'm supposed to use 409? WHAT?


Hippie stuff? Some people use these things for relief, not because they're a hippie, but because they have the stuff readily available in their home.


my mom has used bag balm for many different things all my life and it works great for me


Oh I feel for you and your little one with this..
I have it on my palms and know how painful it is..I just read some other postings and tried the Greek plain yogurt -to eat and then applied some to my eczema - it is cool and soothing.. not sure if it will cure it but I am going to try it for a few days(:)
good luck ..Patty

al dan

i used steroid cream on my face 1.25 cortisone to be exact for over a year and a half, the side affects are ruthless, my skin is beyond brittle i can scratch wounds into my face, i still have not found my perfect cure, but im still hoping. My eczema if givin the chance will cover my whole body, i suggest to everyone and anyone NOT to use steroid cream for eczema, it may be a fast fix, but the long term affects and the damage it does to you is useless, go natural and always remember IT USUALLY GETS WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER

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