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I had chapped, unsightly lips, but if you take half a lemon, smother it in sugar, and rub it on your lips, then rinse in ice cold water, you will have smooth and soft lips. I also top it off with two of my best is Burt's Bees, and the other is one of those simple, blue colored chapsticks, like chap aid. it seriously helps!:)

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that simple blue stick is ChapAid


no you dummy it's ChapStick, like those that come in cherry peppermint and normal


I am a smoker... my lips have turned black.. is it possibl 2 regain the color of lips


maybe...u never know


your lips are black?!!! I smoked for over 15 years and my lips never turned black....what the #^@% are you smoking?!!! BTW life is MUCH better as a non-smoker :) you CAN do it! Chantix helps, but only if you really stick to it. I found layin in bed drugged up for 5 days after surgery helped curb the initial cravings, but i don't recommend it.

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