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Natural grass and weed killer.

1 gallon white distilled vinegar
1 cup table salt
1 tablespoon dish detergent

Be careful where you put it. Nothing will grow there after application.

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You shouldn't put detergents in the soil it will put phosphates into water systems and have a negative impact on local water ecosystems. Phosphates in excess levels can deteriorate the protective coating on many types of fish and water inhabitants.


Not 1 Tablespoon of dish-soap and the fractional ampunt of phosphates that contains.

Low phosphate detergent is also available.

Even 20 gallons of this mixture would have absolutely no harm to any water table, anywhere.


I never thought about adding salt to the recipe. I was just doing the vinegar and detergent. I used dawn dish soap. I sprayed some on some cracks in my sidewalk that were lush and green. The next day it was pale straw yellow and dead dead dead. There were a few threads that survived, I'll get them today.


Thank you for your information

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