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I've suffered from eczema my entire life.(i'm 25 years old) Seen countless dermatologists and allergists in search for something to give me relief. I use to scratch none stop, clothing and bedding would be covered in blood from the constant scratching. I've been put on everything imaginable from steroid pills to creams, even Prednisone just to give me 2 weeks of relief. As of two months ago I havent touched my steroid creams or pills and I no longer itch. All due to something as simple as a LEMON. I apply lemon juice freshly squeezed to all areas of my body (I have eczema everywhere) It acts as an natural antiseptic. Killing the germs that I was spreading through scratching. Yes there was an initial sting but it lasted no longer than 5 seconds. I apply this 2 times a day and exfoliate at night using a 1 part lemon 1 part sugar mix. Never changed my diet or how I lived. Still use scented soaps, lotions, perfumes. Besides my eczema being cured the scars that came along with them are now fading. Which turned out to be a double benefit to using lemon juice (its a natural bleach). Also some people might think it would be drying to the skin. But it seems to have the opposite effect for me.I never have to apply lotion. This has helped me as person who was told my doctors, dermatologist, and allergist that I have the worst case they have seen and there is nothing they can do.
Good luck to everyone!

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I had seen the lemon juice and sugar scrub remedy (it is supposedly a Mexican beauty secret). I do it about once a week and it makes my skin very soft. I tried it on our 10 year old son's knees because he has raised patches of leathery skin. It stung a little but worked wonders. We have tried EVERYTHING on his knees and this has worked the best (next to Elidel, which I do not want to use)!


how do you make the lemon sugar scrub? and what do you do just rub it on the bad areas.


thanx so much in my seven years I have NEVER had something work so fast! I started 3 days ago and I have not a itch since....this is great!


Your cure has not only helped the eczema on my face, it has greatly improved my complexion overall, getting rid of blackheads and unclogging my pores. Works better than all the fancy scrubs I've spent a fortune for.

Thank you!


ouchhhh it really stings!!!!! kinda feeling that i wanna wash it off an scratch it!!! but delt with it.. feels good clean fresh, releaving.. thank u:)

Katelyn Jones

I too was wondering about the sugar lemon mix...whats the directions on that? I just tried the lemon juice on my arms...i have eczema on my face neck chest arms hands and legs and back and have also tried all kinds of things so far i'm not itching...awesome!!! just wondered abou the sugar mix...


This is the real deal, I was looking online to see if anyone else had dicovered this approach to Excema and it seems I am not alone. I have been suffering from Discoid Excema for nearly 10 years and have struggled to find anything practical that has a real impact. Lemons are amazing, a hunch led me to cut organic lemon into slices and apply it to my problem areas. At the same time I have been drinking 2 pints of fresh squeezed lemon juice per day. 1 before breakfast and one before evening meal. The left over Lemon from the drinks I cut into slices and keep cool to apply to any itching. In 6 days my excema is 75% healed and I expect it to be gone pretty soon if it carries on like this. I have also cut out refined sugar, caffiene, alchohol, and supplemented vit D3/K2 and B12 (Im veggie). I also reccomend researching and adding to this program, stevia for taste, Dandelion tea, Psyllium Husks and Slippery elm to help get rid of parasites in the gut and attack the underlying cause of the Excema. Feel free to email for further info and discussion. Love n thanks x


I've had eczema on my body for several weeks and I've been using the zinc cream to help lessen the itching and it took between 8 to 14 days to clear. After reading this post, I tried the freshly squeezed lemon and it did wonders ! However, I do believe that the eczema is caused by something else which I have yet to find.


I am 26 and I have had eczema on my arms (only from shoulders to elbows) almost all my life. I tried everything the doctors would prescribe with no luck. The lemon juice works wonders. I use it 2 times a day also and it is great. The sting is worth it because I know that it is working! I will be trying the lemon/sugar scrub also.


OMG thank you, thank you for this home remedy. This has been a miracle for my husband. After, the first night of rubbing the lemon on his skin it stopped the itch immediately . Now he sleeping peacefully , & hopefully so will I. Now my question is why aren't the doctors able to figure this out?

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