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southern bell

I wish i would have known about all of these different remedies to try before having to put my dog down due to fleas (allergies)....anyway, i live around sand, lots of sand, and it seems that the fleas are a lot larger in sandy areas and a lot harder to kill, i tried covering my dog in motor oil for like 3 days at a time, the fleas suffocate right away and fall off unfortunately they would come right back, she had scratched many sores which removed a lot of fur as well, so those who have said something about there animals scratching sores dont wait to start any kind of treatment, what i did was washed the area really good then put neosporan on it as though you would with your child once that healed up where there wasnt an open wound i then put motor oil for about 3 days again to kill any additional fleas and then washed her with dish soap until ALL oil was off then on her scared/scratched/balded areas i put NEW STOCK mixed with baby oil (new stock is found at feed store) it helped her fur grow back but you will have to be patient. unfortunately i couldnt get rid of the fleas in the yard so she got bad, going to try some of yalls suggestions, i have tried sevins and deamons dust or what ever...deamons has worked so far but it was mixed with something else and sprayed on the carpet it worked but it took about 2-3 weeks before i could really see a difference due to the different stages the fleas might have been in. i also have 2 tea cup chiwhawhas unlike my pit that i put down these guys are tiny little things like 3 lbs if that and i am scared that maybe some of this stuff might hurt them, any suggestions for the little ones....i have heard something about crysanthemum extract and water and then cover your pet in it, and your floors????? no harm at all but will kill ANY insect of ANY kind??? and was said to plant the flowers in the yard as well????

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As I am reading this it is probably a false statement I do not believe that someone with a brain could do such a thing.
If you did that make sure to wear a condo, take the pill or never have sex, you are a danger to society and to yourself or check yourself into a psychiatric hospital...


You know what gets me, is that all of you are ready to crucify someone that actually asks for your advice. People also need to remember that the old days had good remedies. You may not agree with them, but dang I guess all of you became experts overnight. If you don't have advice, then why are you even commenting???? All I am going to say is good luck.

k neiman

From what I read in her comment, she had to put her dog down due to complications from allergys to the fleas not because he was allergic to them!! You people are so cruel to judge her from just reading about a remedie that she tried because she was tired of seeing her dog suffer!!!! Good lord, she tried to help save her poor dog the pain and suffering but no you didn't wanna make a comment about her trying did you! If anyone doesn't deserve to have an animal its you people leaving such HATEFUL COMMENTS to her! At least she was trying to resolve her problem and save her beloved dog! I understand the dog ended up getting very sick from the flea allergy and had to be put down! Thank God for our freedom of speech, but never ever Judge!


Some of you guys are real morons. Were in this person's shoes? Nope. You are so quick to judge and even pass sentence and in some cases, communicate threats. Wow. Just remember, it all comes back around. And when it happens I hope ya'll think about what you've said to this person.


Motor Oil ? are you nuts ? why would you even think of that ? wouldn't baby oil /olive oil/veg oil work the same and not toxic. didn't the whole 'don't get it in its eyes or mouth tell you anything ?

Linda in NC



well I agree putting the dog down because of fleas was totally wrong.... however after living in Houston tx my whole life I have seen mange be treated with moter oil you have to be very careful when doing it. but we found a dog roaming the streets of Houston mange ridden not having a lot of money at the time we researched somethings online and seen the moter oil remedy. done it and in a few weeks believe it or not mange was disappearing just applied the moter oil and let sit for a few minutes every couple days works like a charm.... 8 years later my mom and dad still have that stray dog with a beautiful coat of fur. but I've never heard of using it for fleas


This is such an old post but it caught my attention when I saw all these shit talkers! I'm Native American and live on a reservation and we usually don't have a lot of problems with ticks, fleas & mange on our pets and the stray ones that run around, but when there is a problem, motor oil does the trick. My grandmother is the one who turned me on to it when we saw this puppy running around the nearby town a few miles from the rez covered in ticks, fleas & mange. I always hear people talking about their dogs getting sick or infested with something but all my life on the Rez, I've never seen a REALLY sick dog on our side, and I think it's because we let them run around and eat what they like, y'know? All the dog owners I've talked to always had their pets confined and kept in their back yard or eating some kind of diet but.. It doesn't really do the dog good when they're an animal and not a child. I'm not saying all reservations are like mine, some probably don't help their local dogs at all. You people need to remember that these are animals, not babies, not toddlers. They can handle different things than humans. Their ancestors are wolves, how do you think they survived? Sure, there are some dogs who do better in the house but most need to run around and eat things from the land and run around freely. This poor woman loved her dog and tried to do what she could for her pup, but it wasn't in the cards. The dog was probably really suffering. I hate seeing that there are people calling her a moron or an idiot when she was really trying. This isn't animal abuse, it's not like she was beating her dog or starving him/her. The ones calling her these names act as if they've never done anything bad to their pet at all and it makes me laugh. ????


Hahahaha. I can't wait, for deer season to open.


Wow you condescending bunch of pricks! What do u think ppl used b4 all these other medicines were created? What if, let's say the lady was on a fixed income now, but b4 when she got her beloved animals wasn't? And I'm just spitballing he re but I bet all you ppl in here never once thought of that cause you got more money than you got sense. I've personally heard of using burn motor oil for killing the mange but never fleas. However I unlike some of these other ppl have an open mind and would try it to. One better is transmission fluid. ???? So put that in your pipes and smoke it!

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