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southern bell

I wish i would have known about all of these different remedies to try before having to put my dog down due to fleas (allergies)....anyway, i live around sand, lots of sand, and it seems that the fleas are a lot larger in sandy areas and a lot harder to kill, i tried covering my dog in motor oil for like 3 days at a time, the fleas suffocate right away and fall off unfortunately they would come right back, she had scratched many sores which removed a lot of fur as well, so those who have said something about there animals scratching sores dont wait to start any kind of treatment, what i did was washed the area really good then put neosporan on it as though you would with your child once that healed up where there wasnt an open wound i then put motor oil for about 3 days again to kill any additional fleas and then washed her with dish soap until ALL oil was off then on her scared/scratched/balded areas i put NEW STOCK mixed with baby oil (new stock is found at feed store) it helped her fur grow back but you will have to be patient. unfortunately i couldnt get rid of the fleas in the yard so she got bad, going to try some of yalls suggestions, i have tried sevins and deamons dust or what ever...deamons has worked so far but it was mixed with something else and sprayed on the carpet it worked but it took about 2-3 weeks before i could really see a difference due to the different stages the fleas might have been in. i also have 2 tea cup chiwhawhas unlike my pit that i put down these guys are tiny little things like 3 lbs if that and i am scared that maybe some of this stuff might hurt them, any suggestions for the little ones....i have heard something about crysanthemum extract and water and then cover your pet in it, and your floors????? no harm at all but will kill ANY insect of ANY kind??? and was said to plant the flowers in the yard as well????

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I like how all you tree hugging idiots like to talk a big talk while probably munching on a carob/organic oat bar. (freaks) Maybe you can show her HOW to be more sensative by giving her feedback that will actually help the animals that she still has. Because it's obvious that no matter how great of gas mileage your hybrid gets, you'll never have the balls to go do to this woman what you feel she deserves. So be an example and try to actually help while you sit there in your 100% recycled materials chair and in your hemp clothes and cut the crap. I'm sure noone on here is as 'pure' as they try to make themselves out to be.


This has to be a joke. Nobody can be this stupid.




Firstly, to the 'intellectuals' using the condescending commentary in an futile attempt to impress others as to how well informed you are; please at least take time to use grammar/spell check, prior to insinuating by statement, your worldliness and superior knowledge of subject. Quickness to be critical without gathering facts, generally lets others know just how bright one is.

It seems obvious that by this post, the author may not be well informed or was maladvised. It doesn't mean the poster is an idiot, stupid or in need of a 'tar & feather' treatment for their actions.

This post wreaks of frustration and desperation to bring relief to her suffering pet. The unorthodox treatment may be a traditional remedy others may have recommended. Although true, and sad her pet was 'released', use of the motor oil was not the cause. Lack of a qualified professional, funding or an effective solution most likely was. Have some compassion! They did not intentionally try to hurt their dog. I'm sure the poster feels bad enough about the loss.

Secondly, I would like to clarify the motor oil toxicity issue. I have been a service technician for 30+ years and have gotten clean/used oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid etc. spilled on (and in) many parts of my body. Although, many automotive chemicals can be very toxic, Clean, Fresh motor oil is not. USED OIL IS-as it absorbs combustion by-products, metal, carbon an other contaminants from the inside of an engine. I would NOT use it for a topical remedy.

Clean oil is not only soothing, but may actually prevent infection by coating a wound. Any of you critics know what A&D or petroleum jelly we use on burns, cuts and scrapes is made from? Petroleum...Oil. In all my years, I have NEVER got an infection as a result of exposure to engine oil. Not even in an open cut. Sorry about your Pit and thanks for allowing my comments and clarification.


ur an idiot! i knew b4 ever reading ne one elses comments how stupid u were....didnt even read all ur posting bc ur a moron!!! ur dog proly had to b put dwn bc of toxics in her blood. allergies my ass. u need to be smothered in oil after a bunch of open wounds are inflicted on u.


Wow you guys are harsh yet there are remedies using boric acid (harmful to both pets & humans) & then there are the garlic remedies (this can cause respiratory problems in dogs not to mention possible renal failure) but not a word to these people maybe the poster was ill advised but they were just looking for help. I Love my pets just like all of you but I like to feel that I treat my fellow man with just as much compassion. (for those that remember far enough back there was a time before lice medications that parents treated their childrens heads with kerosene) we all live and learn.


Would YOU like to be covered in motor oil???? Well It just makes the animals sicker, It is being absorbed in the whole body! you need to BUILD their immune system instead of making animals sick with bad bad choices. PLEASE STOP....... try the garlic, vinegar, good CLEAN food, neem oil shampoo, or tea tree shampoo.


This has to be a troll.

If not, I hope this person never gets an animal ever again. And, what kind of vet would kill a dog because of fleas!!

I do not believe this person.


First of all putting a dog down for fleas happens alot. The dog can be allergic to fleas which the dog will lose thier fur and get huge sores. It looks like mange. It is something that happens. I spent hundreds on my dog who had the same problem we had no other choice it was awfull knowing fleas done that. Also the oil remedy was used years ago for mange mostly. Actually my papa still swears by it lol. So all of you all need to back off of her


First off, damn I know why you're all extreme animal lovers, cause most of you do not know how to relate to a human in need. A lynch mob ready to condemn, without knowing the facts or what she was going through. A vet would have had to recommend or, at least, approve to euthanize her animal. And to agree with two other comments, numerous oil based products are used for human skin therapy(and for those of you wishing she had none or no more children), having some of your own, you would have known this. But I'm betting that you're one of those people who call their pets, their children. And (as a person with years of medical experience), kerosene is still a recommended remedy for people suffering from severe dust mite allergies. So back to the PETA rallies with you, since you've lost your humanity and your compassion. I'm sure you've done plenty that your followers can condemn you for(care to post them?). So quit acting like you're holier than thou, and have a heart. My god, it's people like you, that shouldn't be having children. I'm going back to my two dogs and two children now. And I welcome your comments, cause the truth hurts doesn't it? To the poster, I'm sorry for your loss, and hope you will go to the appropriate places for help, and not one membered, mostly, by the cruel and uneducated.

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