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southern bell

I wish i would have known about all of these different remedies to try before having to put my dog down due to fleas (allergies)....anyway, i live around sand, lots of sand, and it seems that the fleas are a lot larger in sandy areas and a lot harder to kill, i tried covering my dog in motor oil for like 3 days at a time, the fleas suffocate right away and fall off unfortunately they would come right back, she had scratched many sores which removed a lot of fur as well, so those who have said something about there animals scratching sores dont wait to start any kind of treatment, what i did was washed the area really good then put neosporan on it as though you would with your child once that healed up where there wasnt an open wound i then put motor oil for about 3 days again to kill any additional fleas and then washed her with dish soap until ALL oil was off then on her scared/scratched/balded areas i put NEW STOCK mixed with baby oil (new stock is found at feed store) it helped her fur grow back but you will have to be patient. unfortunately i couldnt get rid of the fleas in the yard so she got bad, going to try some of yalls suggestions, i have tried sevins and deamons dust or what ever...deamons has worked so far but it was mixed with something else and sprayed on the carpet it worked but it took about 2-3 weeks before i could really see a difference due to the different stages the fleas might have been in. i also have 2 tea cup chiwhawhas unlike my pit that i put down these guys are tiny little things like 3 lbs if that and i am scared that maybe some of this stuff might hurt them, any suggestions for the little ones....i have heard something about crysanthemum extract and water and then cover your pet in it, and your floors????? no harm at all but will kill ANY insect of ANY kind??? and was said to plant the flowers in the yard as well????

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You uneducated moron!!! You should be charged with animal abuse. Please do the entire animal kingdom a favor and refrain from ever owning anything with a beating heart again. Secondly, human kind would also benefit immensely, if you would also erase any thought you may ever have of bringing a child into this world. God bless that poor helpless animal who would have given it's life for you and you robbed it of it's own.


soo... when did you realize that was a bad idea?

It doesnt really matter

OK I am not defeding her but everyone is dogging her for the motor oil issue, yes I agree it is not a logical thing to do, but I have read several 'REMEDIES' now that refer to using a coat of motor oil to help kill fleas. Would I got that route, NO but when you see it in the remedies over and over and over you think wth I will give it a shot.

Now in reguards to putting the dog down because of flea bites, it is not as uncommon as you would think. Working for the ASPCA I learned that if the fleas get to bad on an animal, it would do more harm then good to treat them for the fleas. The amount of chemicals that would have to be used on or given to the dogs to rid the flea problem would kill the dog there for they recommend just putting the dog down.

So before everyone jumps down this persons throat make sure you have some knowledge, and or ideas as to why somebody would do something like that.

I didnt post this to start a discussion, I just wanted to put some facts out there.


Well to all those people out there that never have had to worry about how expensive it is to keep tabs on this problem....Dogs love home where people love them. They are animals... I'm sure the mess would be a pain. That would really suck, maybe it would be worth cleaning up to help your little friend. My grandmother did some real strange things like this but abuse was never a thought. Ya know simple was used before walmart and petco. What do you think they used years ago. duh I love my babies but give someone credit for trying. The dog that's gone hey I'm sure it was a hard call and it was his dog dog, not child. really,maybe dog heaven was better than having your ass bite everyday or going to doggie jail to die. being humane is different for everybody...obviously ask your grands what they did????? frontline!!!!!!


You sound like a real idiot. You had your dog put to sleep because of fleas. You should not have a pet rock....darn...what a idiot.


This is to respond to 'it really doesnt matters' comment. I don't know what Aspca you are associated with, but that is also rediculous to say that a dog has to be put down because of a flea problem because the amount of chemicals would be worse. Theres several flea sprays that ARE very safe that are made from flower extracts (pyrethryns) All you have to do is use a shampoo first that will kill the flees then use a safe monthly solution like frontline, advantage... No dog should ever be put down because of fleas and saying the chemicals you use would be worse for the dog (just to get them off) is rediculous. I have picked up strays that have been loaded with fleas. Theres soaps like Joy dish detergent that will kill flees on contact almost. That just sounds like someone doesn't really know what they are doing and don't care enough to try to help the animals in a way that they should. Common sense is a thing that some people just seem to be missing and i think that certainly includes you. Your Aspca you worked for needs a new director that has some real knowledge about how to take care of animals. And you need to get yourself a little more educated on what to do to help animals. It's also uneducated people like you that draw your own conclusions about what needs to be done for an animal in need that DO NOT need to work for a rescue organization in the first place. Let people that are trained and REALLY want to help animals do the work and stay yourself away from it and from giving advice that you don't know what your talking about. And the animals will be better off and thoses ignorant people won't be using your unprofessional opinion about what to do for their innocent animals that will suffer the consequinces.


In regard to it doesnt really matters 'comment' you are about as stupid as the on e that put their dog down and used motor oil. I agree you dont need to be working with aspca your a dumb ass. ' FACTS ' where did you get them and you are severely misinformed. Are you a professional? (don't sound like it) Go get another job so there won't be any more animals put down because of you and people like you that don't know what they are doing./


I have used motor oil (after you take it out from an oil change) for sorcoptic mange. It really works but its really messy. Be prepared to keep your dog confined in a kennel for a few days. Of course you don't want to get it in their eyes. But when they have mange really bad , this does work. I have never had to used it more than one time per dog and that was all that was needed. After a day or so it just makes their hair oily. Kind of like a good conditioner for their coat as we do for our hair. I don't think its harmfull if care is taken in doing it because the oil has been burned already.They won't be itching and biteing as much either because it relieves it so much and quickly. So in a couple of days it has worked. Their skin gets really dried out and scaly from mange and scratching, this acts like a dry skin treatment would for humans, but also kills the mange. And you'll be amazed at how good their hair grows back, its shiny and like new again and within a week or so you'll see the results. I am not a person who would reccomend this if I thought it wasn't safe if done properly.AGAIN BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET IN EYES AND NOT DOWN INTO THE EARS. But i have never heard of it to be used for fleas that would have to be done too often and clearly the dog wouldn't be up for that!!! And i agree common sense in dealing with these matters with our pets are the key. They are as important to a responsible pet owner as any other member of our family and we should treat them as such if we really love and care about them. People that don't do not need them anyway.


WOW!!! Is about all I can say... Forget the animals, you people are cruel to humans!! She DID try to get rid of the fleas, and as far as jumping down her throat for the motor oil, several ppl have used this remedy! And I'm sure this wasn't the first thing she tried either. As with my own experience, Frontline and all that other stuff just doesn't work any more!!! They become immune to it. Isn't that why most of us are here anyway??? To get alternate remedies, something that may actually work??? She came here to get help for her little dogs and all she gets is ppl telling her what a horrible human being she is?!?! If she really was horrible, she would just let the dogs stay covered in fleas and not worry about their suffering at all!! Instead, she put the Pit down to END his suffering. To me, that's not cruel. And I'm sure all of you are going to tell me that I'm just as horrible as she is...that I don't deserve to have pets or children either...and so on...and so on, but I see the same comments all the time in forums like this. None of you add anything new and all of you sound exactly the same! There must be a book or something on 'comments to leave in forums about being a bad pet owner' blah blah! Go hug a tree or something so ppl can get the help they are searching for instead of being ragged about what a bad job they are doing as a pet owner. You are not helping, you are just waisting everyone's time! Including your own!


please do not have any more pets or kids.
covering your dog in motor oil and putting him down for fleas because you could not take care of them correctly...

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