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southern bell

I wish i would have known about all of these different remedies to try before having to put my dog down due to fleas (allergies)....anyway, i live around sand, lots of sand, and it seems that the fleas are a lot larger in sandy areas and a lot harder to kill, i tried covering my dog in motor oil for like 3 days at a time, the fleas suffocate right away and fall off unfortunately they would come right back, she had scratched many sores which removed a lot of fur as well, so those who have said something about there animals scratching sores dont wait to start any kind of treatment, what i did was washed the area really good then put neosporan on it as though you would with your child once that healed up where there wasnt an open wound i then put motor oil for about 3 days again to kill any additional fleas and then washed her with dish soap until ALL oil was off then on her scared/scratched/balded areas i put NEW STOCK mixed with baby oil (new stock is found at feed store) it helped her fur grow back but you will have to be patient. unfortunately i couldnt get rid of the fleas in the yard so she got bad, going to try some of yalls suggestions, i have tried sevins and deamons dust or what ever...deamons has worked so far but it was mixed with something else and sprayed on the carpet it worked but it took about 2-3 weeks before i could really see a difference due to the different stages the fleas might have been in. i also have 2 tea cup chiwhawhas unlike my pit that i put down these guys are tiny little things like 3 lbs if that and i am scared that maybe some of this stuff might hurt them, any suggestions for the little ones....i have heard something about crysanthemum extract and water and then cover your pet in it, and your floors????? no harm at all but will kill ANY insect of ANY kind??? and was said to plant the flowers in the yard as well????

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you put motor oil on your dog?????????????????????????


Why would you ever think to put oil on your dog?!?!?!?!?! THat is just plain cruel and dumb. You shouldn't even have pets!!! You don't deserve them at all!!!!!

Porky's other mom

OMG!! Are you crazy? Motor oil!? You put your dog down because of fleas. You're worried about the chihuah's, but you put motor oil on and then killed your other dog.


im sorry thats just plain stupid and discusting. you never do anything to your pets that you are not willing to do for yourself. if i wouldnt bathe in motor oil, neither will my best friend.
shame on you for putting toxic motor oil on a helpless animal. Saddens me you put a beautiful pit bull down b/c you didnt do a little more research.


my dog had skin problems normally. I put advantage from the vet on her regularly. when flea seson would come i would give her a bath in generic lice shampoo leave on for atleast 10 mins. I would let her get good and dry apply the advatage and if she had fleas still biteing her i would spray her with alchol and water. this was so she wouldn't itch so much while waiting for fleas to bite her and die. at the very least she didn't dig her self blood.


Oh my... I think you should put your other dogs up for adoption because fleas take a lot of effort to remove and it would be a real shame if you got frustrated and put these ones down too...


Motor Oil? I could not even finish the rest of the story after reading that part. That is as bad as someone telling me they put motor oil in the poor animals ears for ear mites. if you would not do something to yourself, dont do it to your friend!!! Would you ingest that stuff? Dogs clean themselves,,, the math...


YOU KILLED YOUR OWN DOG BECAUSE OF FLEAS???? You shouldn't be allowed to own a pet.


Please don't ever do this again to any animal.


You disgusting, worthless excuse for a human being. People like you should not ever be allowed to be NEAR an animal, let alone own one. Frankly, I hope to god that somebody who knows you - and how you likely treat your animals on a day to day basis - reports you for animal abuse and that you get the proverbial book thrown at you.

Best hope I NEVER come across you in the this lifetime. You deserve a taste of your own medicine.

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