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I have used the peroxide and Borax for 1 wk now and dogs looks better,no itching,bumps are healing.I used 2 cups peroxide and 1/2 cup Borax in 1 gal jug and poured on the dogs,there wounds are healing and small itchy bumps are gone!Must not rinse dog,leave this on and repeat in a few days 3-4, thanks,Jannie in Georgia

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Thank you so, so much! It's not even been a week since I started taking your advice.. your suggestion is the bomb. Thank you again. My PitBull is looking and feeling 75% better thanks to your post.


I just figured out my dog has the mange too. I was wondering, though, if you poured it on the dog, did you make a gallon of it to pour on the dog?


Wow, just thought of this...he also has it near his eyes. I would probably have to use a rag to get near the eye without getting it in the eye, right? Would using frontline also help at least with the itching? I'm also giving him Benadryl two times a day. Puppy twenty pounds one caplet two times a day.

m dilaney

WOW, is all I can say.

I have a wirehair fox terrier and I can tell you, this wasn't looking pretty. I give her baths every other week, and noticed a few days ago how hard and bumpy her back was getting along with the hair loss, and it was moving to her belly.

It was no surprise when I heard my neighbors dog had mage.

I tried this today ( i bathed her fist with baby shampoo, rinsed, and then drenched here a little at a time with this homade remedy.

I let her dry, then brushed her out. All the pimples were drying out and were flaking off, and the red skin was looking pretty normal.

She's not bitting or iching either.

I'm really optomistic...finaly, something that really works that I didn't have to give up my grocery money for!

I'll keep doing these washes a few times a week till she's all better :)



Hi Jannie,i have a blue pit that willl be 8mos in a few days. Jr has a beautiful coat but i began noticing small patches on his back and legs. I then noticed red spots appearing on his checst and belly. ive had numerous dogs growing up and never had experienced mange with any of them. i knew exactly what he had. i gave him the peroxide and borax bath today and he is for some reason full of energy. i will continue the baths for the next few weeks to see how it goes. i also gave him half of a vitamin c pill for his immune system. will let you know how it turns out. thanks for your post! i also changed his pet food for a cheaper brand and im wondering if that had anything to do with his mange?


can someone tell me whatis the measurements of the borax and perioxide for the dogs mange

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