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hey, fellow sufferers.
even though I am a brunette, I have paler-than-porcelain skin and my skin either goes SIZZLE in literally 15 minutes... Obviously suncream is great... but I was putting on the highest factor available six plus times a day...and i still got sizzled.
SO! a fool proof remedy with a bit of science too!

skin burns because the UV denatures vitamins and omegas and things in the outer layers of the skin, which then turns into a total barbeque. so after cooling the sunburn (cool compresses, cool shower...) you need to restore the vitamin and omega balance.

a great way to do this is to create a (rather ugly, admittedly) paste. Try oatmeal, aloe vera gel (preferabley your own), a DROP of tea tree oil (to protect against infection that can happen during peeling- it's anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungul)crushed vitamin E tablets (they're fab at cell renewal crucial to healing). I guess you can add other anti-inflammatory things too, but this works for me.
I recommend rubbing this into the skin (as much as you can bear) for as long as possible, and then following this with a super good moisturiser like cocoa butter, which is a total godsend for hydrating skin and reducing the risk of scaring.
Omega 3 is rich in a lot of things now, since the government are promoting it (in England at least)...and it's in a lot of things like butters and things. However, since the whole hoo-ha about saturated fat, we don't have a lot of omega 6- which skin uses to protect against sunburn. So try and get your fair share of these omegas to protect your skin in future.
I don't really understand the salt water theory, as this will dry the skin out- which is the total opposite to healing it. But hey- if it works for you, go for it!
best of luck.

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I just got the most painful sunburn of fmy life all over my upper body but I used this remedy and after only a few hours the pain is almost entirely gone and the red has faded. I washed it off with a lukewarm shower instead of cold and that also helped.

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