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After 7 days of both of my ears being clogged up, I finally started looking for a remedy. I don't know if it was coincidental, but my ears became clogged after I had a bad sore throat for about 8 days prior. After reading every single idea on this web site, I decided to go see the doctor about my ear problem. He inspected the ears and said I had a build up of wax in both ears. To get out the wax, the doctor's technician put hydrogen peroxide in the right ear, while I was lying on my left side. After about 3 minutes of the peroxide fizzing in my ear, the technician had me sit up with a bowl on the bottom of the ear to catch the peroxide and water and any debris. He then put warm water in a syringe and squited it in to my ear to try to flush out the wax build up. While flushing out the ear, the wax ball the size of a small piece of chewed up chewing gum came out. He tried the same procedure on the left ear, but after about four tries he stopped. He then prescribed some stool softner pills for my ear. He said to take one pill and poke a hole in it, then let the liquid in the pill go into the ear, letting the liquid sit in the ear for about an hour. He said do this the day prior to the next appointment and 2 hours prior the appointment the day of with another pill. So I did this and went in for the doctor to try to get out the other wax ball. This time he mixed warm water with peroxide and put this solution into the syringe to flush out the left ear. This time the wax build up came out the first try. Good luck and I hope you get relief like I did.

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I had a clogged ear with black wax, meaning the wax was there a long time--a hearing aid specialist told me to go to an ear, nose, throat specialist as he could not get it out. I did go to the specialist. He took out black wax the size of a chewed piece of gum using a suction type instrument, very easy--wonderful! Now my GP dr. said my ear was slightly red, ear drum okay but sometimes there is pain in that ear/gland from allergies or a germ. I use Vicks rubbed on it at night and the pain goes away and I also use peppermint oil rubbed on my neck, outside of the ear, etc. on that area and that works for me. Thank you all for all of your suggestions.


I have been sick for the past 3 days now, and my ear is clogged and driving me crazy! HELP.(: what do you suggest i do?


I've had a clogged ear for a few weeks now I did the peroxide rinse and used an ear syringe with warm water to flush out my ear and it feels so much better. Was kind of nervous about using the peroxide but after reading this I decided to give it a go and it totally worked thanks!


Thanks Marolyne. I must try this sometime.

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