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Pure Vitamin C can be used to prevent pregnancy or to bring on a period that is a day or two late.

If using as a birth control, take 1500 mg of Vitamin C (no rosehips, only pure vit c) 2 times a day for 3 days after intimacy.

To bring on a period that is a day or two late, take 3,000 mg a day for up to 5 days.

Do not use if you have had a positive pregnancy test! This is only for delayed period due to stress! Taking this much Vitamin C during the first month (4 weeks) of pregnancy can cause a miscarriage which could possibly have complications. Do not try to bring on a miscarriage at home, it is dangerous.

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What is wrong with you pll???? Any of you have common sense? if it says to take the Vitamin C after sex for 3 dayS and not to take it if you already know you are pregnant, thats obvious the Vitamin C is going to abort that baby! To all that think abortion is ok/woman's chose, take a moment and think that if your mother would think the same way you wouldn't be here posting on this page. And be proud of your mother that she's much smarter than you are! she gave you life and what right do you have to choose to give or not to give life to your baby that is already conceived? Animals wouldn't even do such a thing and you are humans, your conceived baby is a part of you, if you kill him/her you kill a part of yourself that you will NEVER be able to RESTORE! Im a PROUD MOTHER OF TWO BEAUTIFUL KIDS, and if anybody would hurt my babies I dont know what I would do to them, and YOU ARE OK WITH KILLING YOUR OWN BABIES???

ps. TO THE 17 YEAROLD with a bf, if you are not ready for a baby use condoms, don't like condoms?? still use it!!! Its better than killing your own baby! and if you still end up getting pregnant, trust me you will never regret giving a birth to your own ANGEL! BUT ppl do REGRET for having abortions and they have to live with it all their lives!


'Pure vit c can PREVENT pregnancy'

Although completely irrelevant, if a person chooses to have an abortion, your bills are still paid; food is still on your table; your life will go on. Judge not lest ye be judged!

Oh and by the way you actually have to be pregnant to have an abortion. PREVENT is the key word. Webster can help you with that!

Good day folks


I really doubt if vit c i know that prevent pregnancy, how authentic and satified is this info? Would really like to hear from someone who has used this vit c formular before. At least 'prevention' is much better than abortion.


Thank you very much. The info was helpful


It does work. I am allergic to birth control and to latex condoms , pure Vit c increases estrogen and decreases progesterone levels which makes for unfavorable environment for pregnancy.. And u can take up to 100,000mg.. I work in intergrative medicine.. It's safe and all natural , God gave me a brain and I fully intended to use it by carefully researching Everything!


Stop being stupid this Post has never said anything about and abortion it is only directing us woman on how to natural avoid pregnancy. It will abort only if you take after pregnancy and abortion is one's choice and the sin will be commited by that person so why worry some of us dnt have time to make babies so stop being rude if you dnt have anything anything better to say shut your month and let the ppl who need vitamin c to use it its non of any once business on how to use it.


Would this still work after 5 days?


This really works . . . I have taken a slightly higher dosages but it works!


Is it okay if it has 20 mg of Rosehips?


You and I both know that this does not work.... Condoms exist for a reason as does all forms of birth control.


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