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What works for me is: Espresso from starbucks, or McDonalds iced coffee.

My newest discovery: lemon juice. I used to drink 5-6 packets of lemon juice in my water (mixed with splenda) in a 24 oz cup (Venti sized 'iced drink cup' from Starbucks) and I drank this ALL DAY. Keep in mind, I was also refilling my drink as the day went by. By afternoon, I was running to the bathroom!

What also works is SORBITOL, found in sugarfree gum, sugarfree candies, and sugarfree cough drops. These must be taken in excess for the laxative effect. (There will be a warning on the package that says just that. haha)

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I beleive it is the Splenda not the Lemon Juice..

Splenda give many people loose bowels, so your small amount may just help move things.


How about trying Splenda with FIBER added? Best of both worlds, but start using that slowly!! If you just replace your normal use of Splenda with the Splenda with Fiber, it is an overload on the digestive system and adding any fiber that is not actual food must be done in a slow way. But it does help!!

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