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About 3 months ago I suddenly noticed a total of six small, pebble-like bumps on the bottom of my feet. Instantly I suspected plantar warts, because my entire family had had them years ago and we spent a whole lot of time and money going in and out of the doctor's office to freeze them. It was maddening and terribly expensive for myself, my husband, and four children.

I was determined not to go through that again, so I turned to the Internet and found this site. I already had cotton pads, apple cider vinegar, and duct tape around the house, so I decided to give it a try. I now have only the slightest bit of wart left on one foot, and that's because I am lazy and tired at night; therefore I have only treated my feet twice a week, and several weeks I didn't treat them at all.

I cut some duct tape strips and set them aside (do this first because it's hard to balance a sopping cotton pad on your foot while you're dealing with the sticky duct tape). Then I cut a cosmetic cotton pad into quarters and soaked one quarter per night with vinegar, then taped the very wet pad over the warts. Went to bed.

In the morning the warts were very black. They were very easy to see because the wetness of the pad made the skin around the wart white--sort of like when you soak in the tub too long. The blackness of the wart, caused by the vinegar--likely the acidity--is the key to the success of this method: when the wart turns black you can tell where the wart ends and the healthy skin begins, which makes it so much easier to remove.

Anyway, I sterilized the wart area and a new razor blade with rubbing alcohol then sliced off an ultrathin area of wart. I never made it bleed and never sliced so much that it hurt. It was completely painless.

I kept this up, not as regularly as I should have like I said, but amazingly, five warts disappeared and if I get with it and finish the treatment on the sixth one I'm confident it will soon be gone too.

I will never see another doctor for a plantar's wart. This method is cheap and easy, painless, and it works.

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