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Eat strong, authentic Indian curry. It has loads of cumin. After eating that you will fart so much you can power a sailboat.

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:-) I did laugh on this comment but it is true, though needs a bit of correction.

Instead of Cumin it is ajwain seeds(read that relieves Gas.

I have always used half a tea spoon of ajwain seeds with couple of pinches of black salt (read

and in 20 minutes you should be powering the sailboat....


Too too funny! Thanks for the laugh!!!

sanjay nagia

doctor chang my atorvastatin,medicine start rosuvastatin unfourtunate it medicine macking gas such a tree mont got 3 ECG and 1 T.M.T,test when i surch and remember about my life style what i changed oh my god rosuvastatin was responsible by the way 1/2pepfiz and 1/2 histaac mix on half glass of water very quckly relief thanks


San, i couldnt understand that at all 0,0

But it is true, spicy foods are not your friend >={


I laugh so much , but it didn't help fartin


I'm sorry that was funny as heck. Great sense of humor.

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