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Eat strong, authentic Indian curry. It has loads of cumin. After eating that you will fart so much you can power a sailboat.

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or you could laugh it out by reading this!


Yes, I laughed so hard after reading that, I got immediate results!

pain in my side

No thanks, the spicy Thai Chicken (Peanut Sauce) from the Cheesecake Factory has had me in pain from bloating cramps for 5 days now. Spicy food is not your friend. Hot Tea maybe.


'spicy' food may not be your friend, but the point here is that cumin (the main ingredient in chili and curry dishes) helps to promote digestion. It's been used as such for centuries.


this is very true... or mix a teaspoon of cumin in water and drink it. It really works.


OMG! The laughter really helped. I really needed that right now!


I was looking for my mrs to help relieve her of gas pain? and stumbled upon your power a sailboat lmao thanks needed the cheer me up :)


hahaha this made me laugh :) unfortunately it also made my tummy hurt a bit from the laughing


Now that was funny! I will have to mention it to my husband!


I thought the idea was to quit farting.

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