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I don't get them very often, but pick out a bottle of cheap wine and drink it as fast as you can and still keep it down. It gets rid of the infection overnight.

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This is the most absurd advise I've ever heard. I hope nobody takes you serious. I wonder if you've ever experienced the pain of a UTI. If you had, you never would have posted this.


This will actually cause a UTI.


No, no, no, no, no.

DO NOT DO THIS, this will only make it worse! The sugars in alcohol will actually feed your infection, NOT HELP IT.

The best advice is to avoid alcohol entirely if you feel a UTI coming on, drink plenty of water, take cranberry supplements, and visit your doctor for antibiotics.


This is not funny. You obviously have never had a UTI. I hope you realize that if someone took advice like this they could very likely end up hospitalized with a kidney infection.


this is only going to make is worse. you must not ever had a real uti


I agree, this is outrageous....... You should stop giving advice like this, it could cause serious health risks to women..... Horrible.


How silly Advice!
Please Don't follow this advice.This person does not know the pain of a UTI patient.

Please do not give such advice to anyone.its not a fun.


omg i tried your advise the pain went after the 1st bottle of wine then after the 2nd i pissed the bed as normal :-)


smh o_O like are u freak n serious??? I hope u don't give advice to your friends.. this has got to be the most incompetent advice i have ever seen! Someone needs to take your computer from u unless u wrote this in the library you should b forbidden to give out advice. You can really get someone F***** up.. The nerve to say 'get a cheap bottle of wine' and to drink up real fast .. like how old are u 12??? That will make the infection worst. once u start taking the antibiotics for u theres a warning that says DO NOT TAKE ALCOHOL WHILE USING THIS DRUG and ur giving ppl wrong advice and encouraging them to take alcohol.. GO TO THE DOCTOR IF U ARE FREQUENTLY URINATING.. it could be uti or bladder infection.. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS MORON.. u should be ashamed of urself. this is a very serious matter!


I get frequent UTI's and you know what? This DOES work. I have tried everything and short of large doses of antibiotics, getting shitfaced is the only thing that helps.

Wine works but for me, cheap vodka shots (about one every half hour) with lots of water works great. I get drunk, pee a bunch, and after a day everything is back to normal

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