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Whatever you do, do NOT put on Aloe Vera until you have released the heat from your skin. I worked at a tanning salon and had to take a bunch of test and get certification so I learned a bunch about it. First, get cold wet towels and press it to the sunburn. The cold feels so good on your skin and will take away the pain. If your entire body is burned, try a lukewarm bath, or smooth ice packs over your skin. Once you can touch the burn without feeling like it's on fire, THEN put on the Aloe Vera. A lot of people make the mistake of putting Aloe Vera on first. It will create a coat over your skin and actually hold the heat in, which in turn worsens the burn.

So, FIRST release the heat from your skin THEN use Aloe Vera. I has healing agents in it that will repair and moisturize your skin.

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what if aloe vera stings and hurts?

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