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The best remedy for a toothache is

charcoal- which will have anti-inflammatory response and will draw toxins out of the tooth. Must be activated charcaol. make a charcoal poultice

Clay poultice- 100% bentonite clay.

Place poultice directly on tooth.

within 2 days pay will completely stop if done right. Within 20 minutes pain will be reduced by 80%. Continue to place poultice directly on tooth untill you see white puss in your mouth. This is a sign that the infection is being targeted.

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Um... Yeah this would work if you're trying to kill yourself!!!!

No one try this, I think its some kind of joke because this would litterly kill someone!!!


Litterly? You illiterate boor. Activated charcoal is also used to neutralize ingested poison, when swallowed in capsule form. You should whip yourself for your ignorance, or at least apologize.

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