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tryed a lot these things , nothing worked. i have an infected wisdom tooth & moler and the one beside it. ya 3 all side by side,on the top.i have got no sleep at all this week. swishing salt water seemed to work,but i think its all in my head. you know it will clean & steralize so therefor you think it will work.maybe the first time! I found the one thing that really , really workes. i hate going to the dentist too,but pain started around the middle of dec 2009,it's now june 23 2009 ouch. i need some sleep,so i maned up and went to the dentist, the nice man did not hert me,he gave me a scrip for clindamycin & a scrip for oxycodone. what a nice guy. going back in 3 days to get my teeth taken out.good by pain. good luck , i am 40 and i have had broken & rotten teath for atleast 20 years.igot 2 out 1 & a half years ago. pain gone. get em fixed or taken out. it onley hirts for a little bit.

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