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Nazia Hashim

Home remedy for Cold & Cough for infants below 1 year,

Remedy 1)Take an iron & a cloth. Make a ball of cloth with Ajwain in that. tie a knot tightly like a ball. & take that ball place on hot iron & then put on baby chest & back. This is called i hindi,'Sekhna'. Please note BEFORE PLACING ON BABY'S CHEST CHECK ON YOUR HAND & DO NOT PLACE VERY HOT ON BABY'S SKIN.'

Remedy 2)Take 7-8 pieces of Jayfal (Nutmeg)
remove the shell & only take the inside seed & grind in mixer. Please note the Jayfal mix should be made very soft means it should be grinded very nicely. Then in the night take this jayfal mixture & put few drops of water. Mix it well & now apply this on the infants chest, back & on the head. This mixture basically extracts the cold from the baby's chest.

I have tried with my son since he was two months.

All the mothers one humble request,


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new mom

i tried tips no 2 after hour putting on my baby chest, back and head the reaction is fever.her temperature is too hot.. why is that?

Katja Brodt De Sousa

Welcome the fact that your baby reacts with temperature. A healthy sign that her/his body fights the infection. Fever must be VERY high (over 40.7) before causing damage - in general, fever does not need treatment.
This Fever Chart is from Stanford Childrens Hospital site:
37.8 - 39°C -- low grade fevers and beneficial
39 - 40°C -- moderate grade fevers and beneficial
40°C-- high fevers and cause discomfort, but harmless
40.6°C -- higher risk of bacterial infections
41.7°C -- the fever itself can be harmful


For remedy 1, how long do you hold the compress to the chest and back?

Nahida Khanum

Tx so much i did to my son and it helped a lot can u tel for howmany days shud do this


How many times should we repeat the step 1? My son has cold but not caughing a lot. He is not sleeping as usual and cries most of the night.


Hi Nazia,
For how long should we do the ajwain thing? And is this strictly for cough? Any particular food to be given?



Hi. Thanks for the remedy. I ground haiphal to a fine paste and applied it to the baby's chest back and head.however jaiphal stuck tightly to baby's hair and scalp. Pls suggest what I can do

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