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This is how I managed to quit smoking after I have been a smoker for about 9 years and tried everything to quit with no success.

I had tried numerous times to quit smoking with the patches but that failed. So what did I do? I asked my mother to buy me the patches because I knew that if someone else I care about is spending their hard earned money on me, it made me feel that i owe it to them to take the patches seriously. My ONLY addiction is cigarettes. I went ahead and bought myself a hookah. The first 3 days that I quit smoking (by having a patch on) I had one hookah in the evening. After 3 days I didn't even need the hookah anymore. The good thing about the hookah is that it's a pain in the neck to set up and plus I am too lazy for it. If you can get through the first 3 days it will ONLY get easier. I am now over 5 weeks without smoking and I am NOT even using the patch anymore.

Another method that you can use to try and quit smoking is you can go and buy yourself an Electronic Cigarette. I quit for 9 days when I had the electronic cigarette. You can youtube search 'electronic cigarettes' to learn and watch how electronic cigarettes work, or you can google search electronic cigarettes.

I have been a smoker for 9 yrs and I ALWAYS had a cigarette when I was on the phone. I wasn't just addicted to the nicotine in the cigarette but I was ALSO sooo used to holding a cigarette when I was on the phone. It was GREAT using the electronic cigarette, but I wanted to break having to constantly have something in my hand. Now when I talk on the phone, I wave my hands all over the place.

Also avoid all smokers and all places that you feel you usually need a cigarette most. When you feel you have more self control and are ready to hang out with others, do so. If a sudden urge for a cigarette kicks in, then encourage yourself why you don't need that cigarette and the benefits of NOT having one. You can tell yourself that you came that far without one why go back to it. You can tell yourself that you want a healthy child. You can tell yourself that it's costing you a lot of money that can be spent on more important and wiser things.

I hope that my info helps to save someone elses life. (hopefully yours) :)

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I am also a smoker and I am desperately love smoking. :P But recently I have read the article from and it is about Electronic Cigarettes Save Johnny Depp's Mother'. Now I am trying to quit smoking using e-cig and I know success is waiting for me to grab it.



@ Franksmokes

I'm the one that wrote the above article.

ILOVE electronic cigarettes. You JUST have to be VERY careful which model electronic cigarette that you buy. I say buy the longer sizes as opposed to the mini cigs because you can’t put a lot of liquid into the mini sizes. Also I would just like to warn you that after a couple of days your atomizer will probably stop producing vapor. When that happens make sure you rinse the atomizer with warm water and then dry the atomizer with a hair dryer or else leave the atomizer in a safe place to dry for at least 24 hours before using it again. I was a heavy smoker for 9 yrs and I manager to go 9 days straight without cigarettes when I was using the electronic cigarette.

I am still off of cigarettes since I've written my article up above. It hasn't been easy. It's been almost a year later and I still have major cravings for a cigarette from time to time. I recently bought another electronic cigarette (which I haven’t used yet) just in case a major craving for a cigarette ever kicks in.

You can make your own liquids. I make mine without nicotine because I don’t wanna get hooked on nicotine again. All you need to make your own liquids are water, vegetable glycerin, and food coloring. (and nicotine but I’m avoiding nicotine)

I highly recommend an electronic cigarette. You will DEFINITELY feel healthier smoking an electronic cigarette than a regular cigarette. I don’t know if electronic cigarettes are healthy period but I do know that it doesn’t contain nearly as many harmful chemicals as a regular cigarette.

BEST of luck to you!

kalmanizer AKA Kalman

Also once you're off cigarettes try sucking on icecubes. That helped a lot for me as well. Also try eating sesame seeds. I needed something to do and opening those DAMN sesame seeds proved to be a challenge for me and kept me preoccupied and my mind off cigarettes. :)

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