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I've tried opening natural garlic capsules (powder form) in animal food, and it worked, but couldn't get that form any more after awhile. Tried borax last year, and it didn't work, but maybe I didn't do the pushing in with a broom bit, plus we live in a crowded house, and there is a lot of stuff in the way. So anyway, I found out about something else last year, and it was inexpensive, easy, and it worked. There is something called beneficial nematodes that you can get from a garden center, that eats flea larvae. You have to mix the package in water and let that set for awhile, then pour out in your yard, and keep wet for awhile. I remember doing it when a large rain was expected, so I wouldn't have to keep wetting it. It didn't do any good last year, so I figured it didn't work, or I'd done something wrong. However, this year there are no fleas. I guess last year's larvae got eaten so there are no flea babies this year!

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be careful garlic is very dangerous to pets

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