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Exercise really helps.Im in the Air Force in we do alot of exercises. When my cylce comes around i notice less bleeding and cramping.Im not saying go and run a mile in a half lol but walking doing a few sit ups and crunches will usually do the trick. Than shower and relax afterwards.

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I've heard that the more you move around the easier your cramps are. I've actually noticed this with my own period. If I just sit and loaf around - my cramps are very bad and I bleed worse. But if I'm up cleaning or just moving around - they are not as bad and the bleeding is slower.


I AGREE!!!! Wish I'd learned this as a teen, instead of in my 30's. If I make myself go to Jazzercise class when I'm crampy, I find that the exercise gives much relief. (a)It's a diversion and distracts you from the cramps, (b)it starts with gentle movements to get your muscles/joints warmed up gradually, (c)it engages your core muscles which I imagine kind of massages the organs/tissues that are cramping (d)it increases the blood flow to carry fluid and oxygen to the cramping/contracted muscles (muscle tissue needs oxygen), (e)vigorous movement stimulates your body to generate endorphins: the natural hormones that make you 'feel good'. You don't have to do High Impact exercise to get the benefits. The soles of your shoes can remain on the floor for gentle bouncing rather than jumping/hopping (your uterus will appreciate that, I'm sure).

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