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Campho Phenique: Works Wonders. I had a boil on my inner thigh right on the panty line. Put Campho Phenique Gel directly on top, put a generous amount on a guaze square and covered it, went to bed and a few hours later it completely drained. Thank you to everyone who recommended this. You are truly Angels.I get frequent boils and kknow the pain. This eliminated all of that. My boil was bigger than a egg and you could see a very visible bulde, thanks to campho phenique that is all gone now!

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I Been Getting Boils for about the past 10 years. i used to use that boil ease (black sauve) but it never really helped me just stunk and made a mess.. i started seeing a dermotolgist recently he spot the biggest ones in the office with some sort of steroid they injected then prescibed me tetracycline 500 mg i take 2 a day. also have me a bensole peroxide wash i been using both for a month now neither has been helping me. so, i am so desperate to get rid of these nasty looking things i decided to do a search and try what is posted here so i went out lastnight and bought some of thise and put it on lastnight before bedtime. havent seen no big notice yet. so, this morning i washed the area again with antibacterial soap and applied more.. hope this stuff takes care of this nasty problem.. if anyone else has any more advise id love to hear it.. thank you so much !


I tried the Campho Phenique today. I washed the area with antibacterial soap and sterile water...I applied a good amount and covered it with a clean gauze...went to sleep for about 2 hrs, nothing yet...this thing is big and painful just want it to go away already...anymore advice let me know


It didn't help me. :(

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