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So after my tenant moved out with her 'outside' dog and the signed contract that she had to have a flea collar-2-3 weeks later I was painting the interior and noticed fleas everywhere-they must have been in the larvae stage b/c I didn't notice them before. I did the fogger before I found out about Borax b/c it was vacant. I went in the next morning smiling (thinking I killed all you guys), but soon realized they were still there. I left angry and did research. I picked up Borax at Publix on the laundry aisle-9 boxes (only used 3)-lol. Here are the steps to get rid of them. By the way-when I went back that night to do the Borax, there were less fleas, so the fogger helped, but I think Borax is more efficient and it's not nearly as potent as the fogger. So you don't have to do the fogger.

Step 1. Vacuum 1st (it stimulates them and sucks up the live ones) and throw the bag out-for you people that wrap it up and put it in the freezer-it's not worth it if they get out.

Step 2: Wear a mask (not great to inhale while you are putting it down) and buy a can of Pringles for $1.00-throw out the chips and take a drill and make many, many holes. Even do one on the bottom (I'll explain later). Fill it with the 20 mule Borax and salt-doesn't have to be iodized and make sure there is more Borax (maybe 1/3 salt) than salt. Now you have a shaker that you can go around each room, closets, etc...-do not skip a room, closet, etc...The bottom of the pringles jar with the hole in it will show you the areas you do if you put it on the carpet as you are shaking. So when I shook it-I hit the ground with the jar.

Step 3: Take a broom and brush it in-this is an important step-again-don't skip this.

Step 4: Leave it in the carpet for as long as possible-goal is 7 days. Why? Because fleas don't die in an hour-Borax will dry the larvae out.

Step 5: Vacuum it all up and throw the bag away-Outside.

Still have fleas? Repeat process. Why? The larvae may be in different stages, so you may have to repeat. Mine was infested and this works. The only reason people are saying it does not work is because they are not giving it time (7 days) and not brushing it in with a broom-the eggs are down in the carpet-not on top. Stop reading and go to work-the cost was only about $3.50 per box and you can get it cheaper at Walmart. Exterminators are a waste of money. I promise it was easy and you will be flea free!

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This was the most understandable method I've read. The only part I don't understand is the hole in the bottom of the can. I know you explained it but I'm still confused. Can you re-explain or elaborate? Sorry.

Ms. Gigi

your explanation was the BEST! so far, it's clear and to the point. However do I have to use a pringles container? My poor dog has feel, and when I sit with her and have the comb flee remover, it's like they are having a party on her belly.. I'm fustrated, I will certainly try this format.thanks your are a huge help,will keep you posted if it wrkd for me..xoxo


i did'nt understand the part about putting the vacuum bag in freezer. who does that and why?


Please note, no animals, adults our children
Are in the housing so in a sense it is like a fogger
Do not stay in the area.


the hole in the can are so you can sprinkle it on the floor


i tried this method and it work. IT WORK!!!!!!!!


The Borax really does work but the key is GIVING IT ENOUGH TIME. I used it in my basement on the crpet as well as concrete floor.I have two cats that I cannot bathe and this killed ALL of the fleas that were jumping all over me when I would go down there. I chose not to work the borax into the carpet, just sprinkled it straight from the box, but I did leave it on for 5 days and vacuumed and swept the area and then sprinkled more Borax in about 2 weeks and then left it for 5 days before vacuuming/sweeping again.

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