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Avoid alcohol and smoking for the health of the baby.

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Wow you really taught me something!!!!!!


thank's for all your help


WOW... That is really amazing....I would have never guessed.......

One of the NICE people here

Ya know, It's not like u have to attack every post that is put up here just because its not to your liking.
this board is put here to give and recieve tips, thats what this post is, if you dont like what people have to say just skip to the next, no need to down talk anyone. what makes u so special? u are no better. Grow up!


because of you i will drink and smoke every day of my pregnancy! and do drugs


You would think it to be common sense but there are those who DO smoke and drink AND do drugs everyday of thier pregnancy. I have literally read posts on a different chat site where one crack addict mother gave birth to THREE babies, using crack and cocaine the ENITRE PREGNANCY!.She didn't see the problem because SHE got lucky! Not one of her pregnancies had complications and not one of her children had complications, YET (ages 6,4,and 2)! This woman was chatting with other young crack addicted mothers. These wmen scared of what they are doing their babies, trying to stop what they were doing, asking for help and advice from other women who have been or were going through the same thing. This woman was literally telling them that there is nothing wrong with it because her kids were just fine.. Actually ENCOURAGING these other you pregnant women to continue. It is O.K. to drink a glass of red wine..? But some pregnant mothers think ohhh one more won't hurt. Then one more. Pretty soon it's a half a bottle. There are doctors that tell you to NOT stop smoking because it will be too stressful for the baby! What is that!? Encouragement to just keep on doing it. That it's O.K...So instead of bashing this person for posting something SO OBVIOUS to us, how about praising for maybe reminding, if not informing, that it is NOT o.k.! I am a mother of four pregnant with my fifth, and yes I know not to do these things, but I also know young girls who have struggled with these things because they are not informed. At least not by the right people....Little things matter, so thank you for posting the obvious!



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