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Take biotin. A great hair vitamin that works wonders is called Hair, Skin, & Nails Formula by GNC. There is usually buy one get one 50% off deals. It really works!

IF you straighten your hair every day, give it a break! Try letting it air dry or put it up one day without washing it.

This is coming from a cosmetologist.

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My friend is a hair stylist and she got me the Hair, Skin, and Nails formula and it really did work(: I also straighten my hair everyday. It used to get fried,but now I use a heat-protective formula,so i'm hoping my hair will get healthier. Do you think it will work? Thanks,


I have tight curls like springs, will this help my type of hair? would the avocado and mayo really work or olive oil would be better?


can u take these while pregnant


Biotin really works! I've been taking this vitamin for about 2 1/2 months now and its noticably thicker and healthier. I get complements on my hair all the time. Make sure your consistent with taking the vitamin for best results.


im guessing you can take these while your pregnant, but they have prenatil vitamins that will do the same, this is because it has all of the vitamins and fruits and vegetables that you need to keep your body & skin healthy. i've been using it for about 2 weeks now and i've notices that i've been having less breakage(: thaanks,.


Biotin not only helps your hair but also your nails. I have always had a hard time growing out my nails and most of the time they were so thin and would break. Now that I take the biotin (I take 5000 mcg a day) my nails look amazing, are very strong, and grow very fast. My hair also has grown super fast and look very healthy. I also use an apple cider vinegar rinse (just a little bit of the vinegar mixed with water) twice a week as well.

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