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Head Ache

If you have a head ache sweeze your finger between your other finger, right between the thumb and pointer finger about one inch from the edge of your skin, hold for 1-3 minutes and slowly release and your headache will realise with it. :) Remeber you haven't fuond the pressure point between you fingers until you feel a pain there when you sweeze, once you got the pain, hold! :) Enjoy free natural help.

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Take a hammer and slam it real hard on your big toe. For the rest of the night you won't even notice the pain in your head. It hurts a little though.....every single time.

Akeira J

This really works! I tried it, and the pain was gone seconds later - Thanks!

me laughing

bob you are so funny!!!


This works? No!


'This works? No!'
This really does work, although it is not a favorite of mine to get rid of headaches.

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