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okay well i have had a fungus on my toenails for like a year now well over a year and i did research and found the vicks vapor rub one and i tried it and the same day within mins of putting in on my nails it was disappering. what i did was i cut the nail as low as possiable than i took a nail filier and rubbed it on top of my nails all kind of ways to scratch it up a lil and than applied the vicks vapor rub on my nail rubbed it in real good and like i said with in mins it was going away as soon as i put it on my nails so it worked for me.

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I do believe that I tried everything I could to get rid of the toenail fungus I had on my big toes for years. I even went to the doctor & she prescribed a cream for me to put on the nails twice a day. I did this for a year with little results. I read about vinegar doing the trick & tried it. I did start seeing a change after about a week but I have to say after reading the Vicks Vapor Rub article & it said “instant results” I had to try it. I’m one of “those” that want
”instant results” on just about everything. It’s kind of like gaining weight over the years & then wanting to loose the weight in 2 weeks. Yeap, “one of those.”

I went to Wal Mart & got their brand of Vicks Vapor Rub. Theirs is $2. & something compared to Vicks $6.00 Used it that night. Rubbed it all over my toenails & then put on cotton socks. The next morning could actually see the white of my nails. Within a week my nails were back to normal. I was painting my nails to hide the fungus but I don’t have to now unless I actually want to.
By the way, I am also “one of those” that does not like for anyone to touch their feet so I have never had a pedicure. I always ware shower shoes in the gyms shower, & do not share any of my foot ware with anyone, so I couldn’t understand how I got this toenail fungus.
The only thing I can think of is when I went to buy shoes. You know how they give you footies if you don’t have on stockings? How do you really know if they’re clean? I carry my own footies now just in case that was the cause. I know that’s not 100% because some people try on shoes bare foot. I continue to do the vapor rub once a week just to be safe & if I go shoe shopping even though I carry my own footies I do the vapor treatment just as soon as I get home.

My opinion on how a man might get this fungus is socks. If a man with toe fungus tries on shoes & another man comes along & tries on the same shoes, the second man now has the fungus on his sock which he probably continues to ware all day.
Somehow I can't see men carrying a second pair of socks with them when they go out to buy shoes.

Just a thought though.

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