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i always give apple juice. my baby can never poop when she is given milk and once she drinks apple juice, it softens up the poop. another thing that really work when she was under one i gave her karo syrup. one tablespoon of syrup and the rest of the bottle with water mix together, i promise you it works. trust me i would hate to see my baby suffer trying to poop

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Hey,never give anything orally to your little one like honey and juice all may cause some serious problem to 2month old baby did not poop for one week .I was tense. Than I called to my mom and you know what she told me just dip small piece of cotton in mustardoil and keep this in rectal of baby. I did the same within few second my baby has passed stool.I was so happy. Try this for your baby and see the magic.natural things are always good.


Honey will hurt ya kid kyro will not someone is getting them confused. Know ya facts please before you tell parents not to do something that will help their child.


Did you feed your children with formula milk. If is not, try to choose Mamil for your children. Heard it is good in preventing constipation because of the ingredients. Also, you can try to request free trial pack on the official site. All the best.

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