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i always give apple juice. my baby can never poop when she is given milk and once she drinks apple juice, it softens up the poop. another thing that really work when she was under one i gave her karo syrup. one tablespoon of syrup and the rest of the bottle with water mix together, i promise you it works. trust me i would hate to see my baby suffer trying to poop

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You do not want to give a baby Karo syrup or honey before a year old. It can cause botulism. I know grandparents have been doing it forever but I would not want my child to be the one child that gets it due to me not following doctor's orders.


Karo syrup does work, my childs pediatrican also gave that advice.


Which kind of Karo the white or the dark?


Botulism is real you guys you never give honey nor corn syrup(dark or light) to a child under 1. Its a bacteria that grows in honey that when ingested by an infant it can grow and multiply and become toxic to them. It causes paralysis starting from the head down therefore could cause respiratory distress and could be life threatening. Please don't give them honey or corn syrup


BOTH of my kids were given dark karo syrup. 1 tsp per 4oz, 2 times a day. Ask any doctor. If it wasn't safe they wouldn't tell u to do it.


My ped also suggested the Dark Karo syrup when my 6 month old was having issues


my baby is just three months and he never pooped almost two weeks,i am so worried i went to pediatrician and they advice me to do nothing. please help me


Okay people..please dont spout off misinformation..miss student nurse. botulism is caused by honey, not karo syrup. If you don't know what the hell you are talking about,don't preach your ignorant advice to others. Hundreds of pediatricians advise karo syrup..ya know..actual doctors..not student nurses.


i used dark karo with my daughter. 1tsp/4oz milk. i will do the same with my son.


You guys are idiots where in your right mind do you think it's okay to give an infant these things there is so much crap in this stuff these days it's not safe.. Maybe it was in the 18th century but seriously use your sense... & not any doctor is going to tell you this but only one who was around these times... Research your crap & figure out what's in these things before you give them to your kid point blank.. You think your helping them think again when your kid gets really sick... Ignorant ppl i swear & if your doctor is telling you this crap don't listen to everything you hear... Smdh!!! By the way I'm a physicians assistant & i would never give this to my children THINK!!!!

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