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I tried laser treatment on my face it didn't work for me at all ( laser treatments and electrolysis they don't work on asian skin)


I have got a simple way to get rid of unwanted hair it has worked on lots of people and nobody has complained about this treatment 'touch wood'.just buy alum you can buy this from any asian food store make it into powder form.

Take 1 tsp of alum pd mix it with 2 tablespoons of rose water, apply this on your face with a cotton wool leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, wash your face with cold water.

Do this everyday, it really works after threading or waxing your skin can sting after aplying it but don't worry it won't harm your skin. You can use any good moisturising cream after this treatment because your skin can go dry. You have to do this 4 to 5 months believe me you'll see an amazing difference on your face in few weeks.

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Alum water is to be applied only after waxing or it can be applied without waxing even? Do we need to apply it daily?


can I use alum rose water without waxing or threading on my face..
is it effective or not please tell me ..


I tried this method but hair didn't fall off I don't know what I'm doing wrong


This actually works. I have been using it for two months on and off, and still my upper lip hair growth has gotten significantly lighter. And mind you, in the two months I may have done this for not more than three weeks. Considering that, results are pretty amazing!!

Plus, you don't have to wait much to see the effect, after only two weeks I saw that hair were getting lighter. I'm more regular now in following this remedy, and I'll continue it till I get rid of all Facial hair!


I hav tried many things like laser, chickpea, lemon honey, thanaka powder and kusumba no method showed its visible results....can alum and rosewatr mix help on me?? nd how many days it ll take to show results????


Does it work even if I apply after shaving or does it only work after threading or waxing


Does hair cum back or is dis permanant solution plz reply need answer fast


ALum Powder is Like White type of stone you can buy this mostley Asian Countries (Specialy Pakistan and Indian SHops) . i


Same question that maryam asked. Which one is better way to use? After threading or can work more on hair too

Electrolysis Karachi

You are wrong. Electrolysis is the final and FDA approved treatment which removes each hair permanently. All you have to do is to be regular to your appointments do not leave a single session. The condition will be reversed if you leave your treatment in the middle and now adays we are iffering electrolysis at affordable rates so that each income class can take benefit from the treatment.

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