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Wash wound and apply cod liver oil, vitamin E oil, or aloe vera gel.

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Thank you sooooo much!

Nanna Mary

I have had a toenail fungus in both my big toes for at least 10 years now. Read a bunch of the comments on this website and came up with my own method from them. A lot of people said either mouthwash, bleach or vinegar. I chose vinegar since it is the only one safe to swallow, so I thought it would be the safest to use for any length of time on my feet. I didn't want to soak my whole foot, but the toes only. So I take a cotton ball, tear it in half, put a small amount of vinegar into the bottle cap and dip the cotton into it. I then place it on the toe and use a piece of masking tape to wrap around the toe and hold the cotton in place. I then leave that on while I do my other morning chores for about a half hour. It's been a little more than a month now that I've been doing this and I see the improvement already. The nail coming in is thinner and no longer yellow. Make sure to remove what you can of the fungus that is under the nail. After soaking it with the vinegar the fungus becomes soft and easy to remove. I had gone to a foot doctor years ago, paid him, paid for the prescription medicine for a couple months that he prescribed it and got nothing but ingrown toenails as a result (because he cut them way back). Save yourself the time and money by using the vinegar every day. A lot cheaper, a lot safer. Good luck ;o)

Dr. Horace B. Ewing

As a practitioner of holistic medicine, I recommend the following: 2cups mayo, 1 ts white vinegar, 1 ts cayenne. Mix ingredients well and apply to affected area. Leave for 20 minutes. Clean well and repeat three times daily.

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