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Inhale a mixture of powdered bayberry, black pepper, and blood root often to help heal nose polyps.

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I have had 2 surgeries for nose polyps so I'm willing to try anything else that's less obtrusive and natural. After the first day of inhaling this mixture black pepper, bayberry and blood root the polyps in my left nostril seemed to shrink back almost completely, almost like magic. I'm on my third day and I hardly feel them. before I could feel them by just touching my outer nose on the side of my nose. They were clustering and bulging out. I will keep you informed in about another month of inhaling this mixture.


hello to cure the polyps do you do it in a form of tea thank you for sharing.


What about if someone has a polyp in the uterus and they have been trying to conceive for about 1 year. Is there a natural cure for that?


i couldnt find the baybary powder, instead i found the liquid one. can i use it ?


hi, can u pl tell the name of bayberry and blood root in hindi. coz the grocer doesnot understand and moreover pl tell me when i will inhale this mixture, do i take it inside or i cough it out later. i do it once per day? in the morning or any time? for how many days do i repeat it? pl elaborate little bit more.

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