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I went 38 years without an outbreak and now I've had it spread all over my legs. From what I read I was lucky it mostly stopped there. I'm still getting a few spots of it no matter what I do so I've been trying Chlorox on the small bits and it seems to work. Lysal would probably work too. I just want it gone. My doctor suggested bathing in cold water twice a day to wash off the oils from the rash. That seemed to work too. Hot water only opens your pores to more infection so I'd avoid that. Fels Naptha soap has also been recommended to me. Also I bought alchohol rubs to use on the small minor rashes to dry them up fast. For the more serious rashes I'd stick with prednisone and the doctors shot. Those worked wonders though they did take a few days to kick in. Also make sure and wash anything that comes in contact with your sick thoroughly including clothes. Those oil from the plant remain active for years and don't come off easily. That's why I'm probably still getting small breakout.

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your doctor doesnt have a clue. Any kind of bath will make it feel better for a short time. cold water does not wash away oil. If the break out is where you can apply hot and then hotter and then even hotter(as hot as you can stand without removing the skin) water to it. It will stop the itching and completely dry it up, if applied 2 or 3 times a day, within 3 to 4 days.

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