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I was diagnosed with this about 2 days ago. Trust me i know how bad the pain is. I couldnt sleep at all and it seemed the strongest of medicines werent helping one bit. You really need to go to a doctor or your dentist. Doctor can give you pain meds,but the dentist can too and they can help realign your mouth. Most pain meds dont really work though, but putting ice packs on the side of your jaw helps alot. If the pain is now an aching pain in your teeth you can try drinking warm milk. but i must warn you it taste horrible. but i tried it and it has releived some of the pain. Dont talk, laugh, cry, sing, chew gum or any chewy food or candy, and dont grind your teeth or clench your jaw. Take it easy and stay away from stress.

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I had bad TMJ for a year. found a wll known book in the library giving some very easy exercises to relax the muscles anywhere in your body that are contracting and pulling on other muscles that tighten your jaw. Mine were in my shoulder. Did them for about 5 minutes and my TMj was about 75% better! Did them a few times more and in a month it was 100% better. 5 years later its back but I know what to do and its mostly stress related. don't fall for gimmicks..stretch and relax


What sort of exercises were they?

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